Private Water Companies

How many private water companies are there in the country, I know only of Runda water and also where do they get their water source from, do they lay down their own infrastructure and do they have exclusive rights to an area such that Nairobi Water cant go in?
Matusi et al zimekaribishwa

Rudisha leso jikoni! Ukijua unataka ufanye nini?

Chef Raphael amesema usitusumbue…ati uende pale kwa jikoni yake uchonge viazi

Baadaye anasema ata kubekia keki Alafu akukamue


@Gio kaka mbona kila thread yako yakaribia vyakula ama vinywaji ?

Jinga kuu ya Ujeru nilikuuliza swali kama ulimaliza kupanguza tuthee meffi na kutuosha kabla ucomment kwa thread yangu na uvundo huo wote.

Mapadlock want to understand how they came about, are there some in Tanzania you can elaborate on @aviator whats the link about, keeps on vanishing


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There are several private water companies I have heard of but not in Nairobi. I think all you need is a ready source of water e.g a permanent river or more preferably a good dam on the river. Most of the companies lay down their own pipes and all the infrastructure involved. However I dont think they have exclusive rights to an area or river. I personally know of two water companies serving one area. However one is a private company while the other is owned by the county govt. But the two companies have diff sources of water

A river/dam is a national resource, how is it given to a private corp?

Is it illegal for a private company to build a dam on a river? And who now owns the dam once its built on the river?
Is it also illegal for a private company to use water from a river that is a public resource?

There are no private dams in Kenya

You can get a license to use water from a dam, but not to build one.

doubt to supply water to such a scale

@Gio get your facts right. If I have a farm and construct a dam fed by run off rain water you mean to say that dam won’t be mine?

Noticed the same thing in Ruai area za Joska, Drumvale and et al… Iko mjamaa ana supply hizo area na maji, they do the piping mpaka kwa nyumba yako. Hawa ma ninja (cartels) wana honga watu wa kanjo alafu wana ration maji like mna pata maji siku moja kwa wiki.
Kama iko mtu hapa anaishi Ruai hapa can confirm to that

Most of the areas in Pipeline and Tassia are supplied by boreholes sunk by individuals who then pipe the water to neighbouring houses, businesses and flats. Whether it’s a legal business or not is another matter altogether.

Rain water? How much cubic metres of water do you want to harvest?

Think you can do that for borehole water on private property but you cannot dam a river