private jet

Why didnt they take a pic of the actual interior? or with them in it?
That bottom pic is an old one off the internet, dating back to 2011 at least:

the exterior shot of the plane comes from here:

a screengrab at the 1:24 mark…

Lastly, the plane is a [SIZE=4][B]Cessna 750 Citation X [/B]according to wikipedia( ) the plane cost: $23.365m[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]While i dont doubt the buggers have money, its unlikely they spent that kind of money on a plane. let alone maintenance costs or even storage.[/SIZE]

Verdict: Complete mharo


This is not new. Church wealth has been abused for thousands of years. Actually religion has been used by the ruling class to oppress the masses. Only that in this age religion has been revolutionised where anybody can start their churches and compete for following with mainstream churches.

Church or religion negate the doctrine of free will…


its gets worse:


Unacheza na small but numerous tax free contributions. … … plus maybe the jet is church property so tax exempt!
5000 followers contributing an average of 1000 per month = 5000000. …yenyewe it doesn’t add up


Doesn’t add up but these church mofos are loaded

that is assuming hiyo pesa amekuwa akiilalisha basement ya kanisa miaka hiyo yote after kutoa expenses…


He posted it on his IG then deleted it.

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Prosperity gospels

That post isn’t on his instagram. Hii ni parody

Alidelete. I visited his page immediately I saw the screenshot and saw it.


Mbaithewei … Muthamaki ako na jet private Ama ni vitu Za serikali anatumia?

Someone must have called him out on his BS


God’s Ambassadors…

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I once attended a daughter of Zion conference after months of lame excuses. My friend is smack in the middle of the church. That day’s offering was in dollars (my guess was they had been directed to do so the day before). With every blessing or prayer you had to lay out a certain amount of dollars. What got to me was how they kept on going on about how God had blessed them; multiple businesses, lavish things YET kept on asking the congregation dig deeper in their pockets and give. Give to receive - a job, money, spouses, protection over family. . . .it went on and on. I have no problem giving but I have a problem giving to someone who has no qualms flaunting it in the face of the congregation. Half of whom are probably struggling living hand to mouth.
People are so very troubled that they will do anything to find relief. Others it’s just plain greed. You want more and are conned into schemes that are supposed to multiply wealth.
People should read the Bible and find enlightment. Our God does not need to be bribed to bless anyone.


Then you will hear ati " it will help spread the gospel" and other bullshit.

Was on his IG saw it too

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they first work on your insecurities.

Psalm 59:1 (ASV)
Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: Set me on high from them that rise up against me.

when you scan your horizons do you see enemies?

They convince you that you are living hand to mouth because you are not giving…Logical, ain’t it?


Waiting for Njoki wa Chege to write her op-ed about it, itakuwa fire

Joe Muchiri had it trending on Twitter.

I don’t think so… Most of this churches siku hizi zunakuanga na sadaka Mara mbili:moja ile ya kawaida kutoka tene then ya pili for some bullshit church project kama kwenda kupatia prisoners kamiti etc… Add tithes, special prayer offerings, motivational books and you are literary smiling all the way to the bank.