Private high schools

I have a little brother looking for a transfer to another school and especially a public school but that’s proving to be a long shot.
Which good private schools do y’all recommend?
Not international schools.
Especially within Nairobi, Kiambu and Nakuru.

Alliance, but kupata is tough.

Jamhuri high School where government ministers & pickpockets are made in equal proportions.


Strathmore, Wamy, Kabarak,

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Private schools

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That’s a public school

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Loreto boys nakuru…worth a try

One has to join as a form one
It is a public school
And they only get Primary School students

Halafu Kariuki and his DP Oloo Ndege are gone.
The govt used to alocate 310 students to the school and they would inflate the number to 410. Say the bribe is 200K, times 100, that is a cool 10M.


Any form of contact you know of?
Google haileti any

Private my fren,booker high school , mumias.

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new villager hesabu inakushinda
200k *100 = 20000k ACHA UJINGA


Aliacha akili 2017.

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You’re both wrong. 20M is more like it.

Happy belated new year wishes Diablo. I would go for Strathmore but ujue tuu it is like asking for a piece of the moon esp if ni Strathmore. Also you will need to know someone in the Board of Governors for most of them. Hata the good International Schools are very hard to get into. I will get some recommendations from someone and let you know. Unilipe na hekaya kumi.

Gud luck.

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Wrong timing. Tafuta after a month when matiang’i is docussed on baba’s swearing in, uguzishe princie kitu.

I meant 20M. Wewe umepata 200,000 * 100 ukapata 20,000 aje? I just miss-typed a 2.

Shiners boys …nakuru

That’s a no no

Happy 2018 full of fine blessings dear.
It’s a new year and hekayas will drop real soon.

:D:D:D… I know of a nigga who came out of that school a real mad man…anaokotanga makaratasi somewhere in or near nax. His elder siz who schooled in the sister school (shiners gals) came out poz after 4 years of whoring with everybody that had a 9 inch…saa ii ni motivational speaker to teenagers and young adults in nairobi.
What goes on in those two schools mtu atupe hekaya.