Private health Insurance, a scam?

While health insurance may seem like a real life saver, I think it is pure bullshit for those who have a little money and have a manageable family size.

Insurance companies have all manner of exclusions, never cover terminal illnesses, will never renew your annual subscription if you develop a lifelong disease and treat patients with disdain when it comes to claims. The people who need health insurance the most are excluded from the service or it is made ridiculously expensive the other side of 50 years. That is discriminating against the parents of the very young people these scammers target for business.

Rather than pay an insurance company for a 1 million cover for example, If I can save the one million myself, invest it in an accessible vehicle, then resolution health can scream their lungs out but they are not getting a cent from me:D.

If only NHIF could be reliable enough…


hakuna kitu huniuma kama NHIF deduction.
oh wait…kunayo. PAYE.


But don’t you think these days with all of these funny funny lifestyle illnesses i.e. diabetes, cancer etc

My only fear of medical cover is that since I have to apply as an individual the insurance can simply refuse to pay up when the time comes((with complex terms and policy agreements underlines)) if you don’t have a company to back you

inaitwa Pay As You Eat

Yangu ni 70k a year which comes to 200 bob a day. Iyo ni sawa for a ‘just in case’ though sijawahi gonjeka. Huwezi jua. Unaweza anguka na gari ama appendix ifanye coup etc etc.

What’s the amount they cover? Inpatient, outpatient, which company?

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insurance wacha ikuwe tu ya gari na biashara. The rest let me not be able. Mpaka niliona ingine ya umash funeral ati when I die they give me a decent farewell:D:D

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Kwanza what I’m sure to keep away from are these insurance investment packages that come with life insurance. You are either offering me insurance cover or an investment package. Not both. Thuggery of the highest order.

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I think they can come in handy,instead of garden square meetings.

I had one at jubilee after kungizwa box na jamaa flani. I had to terminate after they started changing goal posts. They still owe me but isorait.

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Meetings lazima juu ya logistics. After you pass on your dear ones will be so heartbroken they won’t even remember you had a cover. Pesa itapotea hivo.

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Hapo ndo watu hupotea,let your spouse knows you have a funeral cover,hii maneno ya kuficha kila kitu ndo inamaliza watu.

one time madam had an issue. it was maternal.
unfortunately, every time she went for a check up, they were deducting consultation fee from the maternity side.
next thing, doc told her you need surgery so we’ll admit you and you can use your cover.
admission ndio hiyo, surgery ndio hiyo, insurance approves.
total cost 180k including doctors fee. insurance approves payment of 37k - which was the balance left under maternity cover!
this despite the doc saying the issue was not related to maternal stuff, they still charged it under maternity and it wasn’t.
this despite the insurance rep coming to verify at the hosi and being told the same.
she went back and decided her own things.
haggling here and there, calls to hr (who was being a bi*** so we threatened to go higher [that’s when she intervened]).
doc wrote a letter - by this time we were virtually detained at the hospital - and it was quickly scanned and sent to the insurance company.
insurance ended up charging to the right cover.
mind you, this is a cover for 1.8m, maternity at 200k.
so you ask yourself why there is a balance of 1.8 and they still insist on approving 37k because “it falls under maternity”
yet daktari mwenyewe said it was not related to maternity stuff.

anyway, when it comes to these things, refuse to be treated like garbage.
if the doc says one thing and insurance says another, call their customer service, write emails, call your office (if you work/are employed)
remember, the doctor’s opinion/word is the professional one. it carries more weight than that of a layman trying to save the insurance company some cash.


I think ni 3m for inpatient. I can’t remember the outpatient. Jubilee.

Save 3m, buy bonds/ T Bills at 10% per annum and use the earned interest to pay for medical & life cover.


Pole brathe. Which company did that so that I avoid them like herpes?

Kwetu wether we ni birrionnaire ama peasant, ukikufa garden square ni lazima. so that insurance is useless. we believe lazima tusindikize mwenzetu


Mimi yangu watakuja kunywa chai tu na kucheka. I’ve seen enough funerals to know that mambo ya kupressure watu na pesa acha ikae.


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We just need to stop doing the silly things we do. Feeding people at a funeral. In my will I will be donated to Chiromo for studies so that your children will be able to get a scrotal transplant incase they are infertile. How about that! No funerals, no eating, no garden square!