privacy pin

my aunt has an infinix note 2 that is asking for a protection password when she switches it on who knows how we can help her please ?

She has activated the antitheft option. Did she switch the simcards with a new one the lines?

If that’s the case she can deactivate via the gmail account that she registered with


Until you acknowledge its yours,ndio tutakusaidia !!!

sawa i’ll ask her to try this option …

haha simu sio yangu chief … Sai natumia kabambe i have an s4 na iko na tushida twake tu

actually she thinks i am a techie since am always holding my lovely blue kabambe on my hands

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Hapa tuko S7 na tume.preorder iPhone 7

…u are so out of place here, so jaribu

haha mbirrionare tumekuskia me natumia kabambe sai s4 yangu inataka turepair ivi … Sasa nisaidie hapo kwa privacy pin

antitheft settings with google

so the solution is within her email address …

Na data iko off atasaidika aje

i thought kuna some digits she could press ndo ifunguke …

Go to Carl are with proof of ownership and they reset it free.

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Stock rom

thankyou nimepitia hapo and they’ve have adviced on what to do … I’ll tell the owner but waneiambia if what they have told me doesn’t work ni prepare kuwacha simu monday

hio ndo nini mkubwa …

if you know how to use sp flash tool you can flash it using the stock rom… though itapoteza data yote

asante sana … will try that option