prison for solar water heater... bonobo priorities


Prison? They should remove tax on solar equipment first

Ati owners of all new and existing buildingsā€¦so all buildings?

#NIABM as Always

If msungu can do it, we can do it even better coz we have more sun.


they realised kenyans are ahead. next they will impose a fee for anyone fixing/supplying solar panels.

Do this solar water heaters make any sense?

Every time you use the hot water the pump runs of course consuming power. Secondly in the morning when one gets into the shower you waste quite some water before the hot water gets through to the shower.

I have personally reverted to instant water heater. Just heat what you need no more no less. Best part you control the temperature instantly (digitally). why should i go the solar heater way again?

Is this in Kenya or USA? Because in Kenya evben the Matatu rules are never followed. We live in a corrupt pit and we have to accept that certain things will only work in Runfa, Kileleshwa and other high end estates. Sisi watu was Dandora izi solar ni umbwakni tupui. Huku tunawekaga maji kwa chupa ya Dasani ile ya 10l kwa jua, after 3 hours ni warm na tunaoga. #Ghetolife

ukitumia plumber wa baragoi usiseme system ni mbaya. Hiyo shida ya cold water column in a hot water system was solved 1800

How was it solved in 1800s? Care to explain?

Lipa plumber ameenda shule, wacha kusumbua sisi

You have no solution. Keyboard warrior!

usipende vitu cheap / zabwerere, lipa experts upate product mzuri

Kanini kega Ako kwa solar panels system big time and lobbied hard to get this law passed

All hat and no cattle!