Pris, pris, SAIDIA. Yes, you can!

These would be cruel! You mean you guys don’t have any helpful suggestions really?

Cancer In Kenya: How Deorro Killed Off My Slices.


A certain generation is prone to cancer death and the the kins are finicially drained…
A certain reasercher attributed this disease to maize . .read this in one of threads here

^^^aflatoxins? Those predispose to liver cancer. Very deadly.

“Closer than you think: killer cancer”
“Truth about Cancer in Kenya”
“Are you safe from Cancer”
“Knowing the Cancer of Cancer”.
“Cancer in Kenya Simplified”

For the cover, you could also use a poster of cancer survivors, especially those who struggled(financially, mentally and all) achana na wale famous people.

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-Picture of the Map of Kenya and the ribbon somewhere in the map
-Picture of a busy Kenyan street (Pedestrians, drivers, etc), ribbon fixed somewhere on image
-Picture of stick figure men and women, ribbon fixed somewhere near image


Eka mkia ya @UWESUKIMWI.its more scary than cancer it self,and the ribbon

Vidole na kucha za jirani


medical books often have no pictures on their covers…the blurb should explain your book in the least of words…catchy tittle and well,you can use the flag colours for the cover

Guka I have thinking of this for a while and here is my input.

Weka a woman person probably carrying firewood ama pot ya maji na anavuta mbuzi na ngombe kwa kamba; financial implications (dedicated to your shosho) kama amekanyaga kenya as a country (map with flag colours) akielekea east (symbolizing india; where people go for medication) alafu badala ya jua kuwaka from east weka ile ribbon ya cancer na uweke ikiwa na miale mikali yaani haikuji kwa uzuri.

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