Pris, pris, SAIDIA. Yes, you can!

I have been editing and fact-checking a friend’s manuscript on cancer (I lied to you its mine, sori).

The book is essentially meant to educate the general public on the disease.

According to the ministry of health, about 30,000 Kenyans are diagnosed with cancer each year.

27,000 DIE.

That is more people than die in RTAs and Aids PUT TOGETHER! Imagine that.

The book’s tentative working title is:

                            [SIZE=6][B] Cancer in Kenya[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Everything You Need to Know About Deadly Disease

[SIZE=4]I would kindly like you to suggest possible covers. What should the cover look like? What graphics/images etc etc should be used?

I have seen the brilliance of some of you (na ujinga wa @uwesmake pia) and would like to benefit from your brilliance. A truly Kenyan cover.


PS: Our own @introvert will make a grand or two. This place can be useful too.[/SIZE]


Cancer in Kenya - The Real Mass Killer of our time.

my 2 cents and as you can see it really just deserves two cents.

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@spear thanks. What do you think should be on the cover by way of pictures/illustrations without being scary?

Weka Cancer ribbon


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There i disagree with you it should be scary because for those who have dealt with it face death slowly.

@Guru, bring on more ideas. A purple ribbon is great, together with?

(I had not thought of it, by the way)

Insert the pink ribbon as advised by guru then:


Staying alive

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Quadrijoint and cancer ribbon all around it for graphics. This might mean being imprisoned by the disease. Then wordings…Advanced Focus on Cancer (AFC Sherphards)


You can put colostomy bags as one of the pics…

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if you need any illustration @introvert can help
if you need any moderation @aviator can show you who to turn to here

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After all the rabble rousing,
Follows a thread that evokes sympathy,
I can see through the psychological games guka is trying.
The last time he was under fire he pulled of a similar stunt.
Never misjudge villagers.


hehehe, KDF!

saw what did there.

Shots FIRED.

…Chief @uwesmake, Kuoja uone him.


Take me to your dealer…

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You are madder than I thought. What are you talking about now?

[ATTACH=full]52172[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]52173[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]52174[/ATTACH]

I concur. @Mathaais ambie haka gathee we can see through the smoke screen


Welcome back . Toddlers tantrum and turmoil peleka huko…>

@admin pea yeye SV

Your grandmother didn’t succumb to cancer of the breast too?

That was the book’s preamble. My cucu died in 1943.