Need someone who does printing to do pamphlets as well as booklets to advertising a product. Inbox me.

Call Fast Print located at Commercial Street Industrial Area next to KEMSA.

tembea kirinyaga road and it’s environments.

Nyinyi sasaa…^^^ jamaa amesema ‘inbox me’

hamna haja ya inbox

Labda hataki kutembea akitafuta…:slight_smile:

Hata mimi nataka super-professionally done business cards (full colour).

How much for about 500 pieces?

Cool nitaenda kuangalia Kirinyaga RD

no ya simu?

Got what I wanted Kirinyga rd

One To One Printers.
No of colours required on the card, Type of Paper? email me at [email protected] Uploaded are samples of our business cards with previous clients who value our fast execution times and delivery as well as superior customer service.
Mobile: 0727157519

Morning Gio
Please see attached
0727157519 or email [email protected]

10 page A3 hard paper ni how much?

Mungai, Thank you for reaching out to me. I’ll send you an email we discuss business.

Thank you for your quick response, however to give an accurate price estimation please give us the following details.
Number of printing colours
Type of paper (Hard paper we are assuming is for the leaf only)
Purpose is pamphlet?
Quantity of the full project

@panktcha. We look forward to working with you

Do people still hand out those things? Business is all about who you know and referrals. I must have been given over a thousand cards and trashed 95% of them.

If networking is a requirement for the success of your business, you might receive thousands of cards but later have them in soft-copy in a sort of database. More professionally done and senior ranking official cards are rarely thrown. However the better it looks the longer it may stay
Business cards help business people present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by a particular company. They can also help to enhance the personal image of a businessperson.
Worth Noting: Studies have shown that people are more likely to hold on to a Business card with a photo on it. It could be your picture, a picture of your product, or a combination of both. Picture cards get attention!

The pages are about 10 in number, hard paper can be leaf or all pages (not completely decided on this) colour, green white photos and texts. Mainly to give more info on a product, its features and photos of them, looking at about 50 pieces to sart off.