printing campaign materials

I’m interested in venturing into this business with the elections next year (t-shirts, umbrellas, posters, mouse pads, etc.)

Does anyone know how such deals are structured (e.g., 50% deposit first, or pay on delivery?). Ideally, it should be pay first, then deliver later, but I’m not sure how this business operates.

Also, does anyone have the contacts of whoever is responsible for campaign material within the Jubilee/Cord party?

I think there’s good opportunity - that Jubilee launch cost hundreds of millions, and it was just a weekend event.

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Planning to start a business with only one or two major customers being Kenyan politician, you are a dead man walking

think long term not short term!


Is this the kind of business you have in mind?

call this number from jubilee 0780120002 and 0780080501

Doing business with a politician make sure they pay you first. La sivyo utukuja kunitafuta na sitakusaidia, coz nitakuwa busy sana this campaign period

Mitoto Mijinga kweli…wololo maiyee, athii gi tienda aweye ndiga.

hawa mabrathe watakuchenga ushangae

Bad idea. Very bad idea. NEVER plan your money around politicians.

Nilitafutwa kisha nika alikwa na governor fulani to travel some distance to his coounty and conduct a 3 day workshop on some serious a management stuff. You see Jakoyo is a highly experienced professional. Nilimtumia Governor the outline structure of how the work shop would run + 2 facilitators . Nikamtumia fee invoice breakdown , aka approve verbally with his reassure payment will not be a problem. Nikamtumia contract agreement to sign . I deliver the service, he pays the agreed fees. Governor akaenda MIA.