Principal fingered after nine girls sneaked out of boarding school at night in Isinya

This is unacceptable. The school principal is legally liable for the missteps.

Investigations into school girls mysteriously sneaking from a boarding school Isinya launched

Residents of Isinya are calling on the Ministry of Education to investigate circumstances under which nine girls mysteriously went out of a boarding school without the knowledge of the school management.

Agitated parents of Dipak Girls Secondary School – Kisaju, in Isinya learnt with shock that some nine girls who are boarders at the school were missing on Monday mid-morning.

One of the parents says he had received a phone call from his Form Four daughter who told him that she was not in school before hanging up.

Upon rushing to school, the parent was hit by the hard reality that indeed his daughter was missing. “I received a phone call at around 6 am from a strange number with the caller saying she was my daughter and that she was out of school. I wondered how my daughter would be out of a boarding school at that time yet I had cleared all her school fees. Although the caller sounded like my daughter, I thought it is just a con who wants to scare and con me.

“I shared the news about the strange call with a neighbour at around 9 am and she asked me to call back the number instead of ignoring. Indeed, the call was picked by a man who said a girl had borrowed his phone to make a call earlier.

It was shocking and together with my neighbour we boarded a motorbike and to our shock, my daughter Seleyian was not in school,’’ Florence David, narrated.

Devastated parents expressed shock as to how the girls managed to sneak out of a school that has a matron.

Insiders say the school has not had a substantive watchman since September last year. “There is no watchman in this school. The girls fetch water in the neighbouring school up to 10 pm without any supervision and I see this as a very big risk,’’ Agnes Kwamboka who lives near the school said.

Some parents claim that the school that was established in 2016 has reported high levels of mismanagement and mistreatment of workers.

Board members of the school also claim the school principal has been frustrating the board’s efforts to enhance security for the girls.
Parents are now calling on the ministry of education to probe the school principal and ensure the safety of their children is guaranteed.

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Hata mimi hio principal fingered imenishtua sana…
Isitoshe by 9 girls.

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Parents shouldn’t abdicate their parental responsibility to teachers,teachers wako job ,they are paid for 8am to 5 pm shift ,hii masaa ingine ni “kujitolea” , boarding should be scrapped.

I hope it’s just a direct translation “anyoshewa kidole cha lawama”

Unless wall ni kama ya guatanamo students will still sneak

wacha fikra chafu wewe,these are teenage kids

So according to the parents the principal is at fault here, not their kids?