Prince vs MJ Who's your Favourite


Shoe kiratu

Michael jackson is a god, a deity.

Prince was lowkey gay in short alikuwa anachunishwa sukuma

No he married a female

unajua maana ya “lowkey”?

Bisexual maybe

Both were talented in their own ways. I would go by what particular music, but these are some of my best from them.

MJ must be your role model…juu hii somehow managed to change his negro looks sio?

You can’t compare them, MJ was a dance prodigy had close to 40 years music and showbiz experience when he died. The only comparisons are Elvis or pioneer bands like the Beatles in terms of sheer influence and success.


And Michael Jackson wasn’t?

Talentwise Prince was better, Michael had a better team behind him. Akina Quincy Jones.

The one who is alive

Prince was a legend and an enigma . MJ had no vibe and was more of a populist. Prince was a musician, enigma and artist. Hands down I’ll go prince

They are both dead you are not supposed to contribute to debates like these. Tutakuita wakati watu wanaongea kuhusu One Direction

I miss them both

Chini ya maji

Both Prince and MJ walikuwa ni wanoma side on the business side of music. They owned the publishing rights to their music. Most ‘signed’ artists are like ‘slaves’ to their music labels and only get a part royalties and must adhere to guidelines set by their labels.
Perhaps the best move of Jackson’s financial career was one that had nothing to do with his own music. In 1985, he shelled out $47.5 million to buy a publishing catalog that included 250 Beatles songs. Ten years later Sony paid Jackson $90 million for half the rights, forming a joint venture called Sony/ATV.
Today, the Jackson estate and Sony share ownership of the catalog, which now boasts half a million songs including titles by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Eminem and other artists. Insiders place the catalog’s value somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion, based on estimated proceeds of $50 million to $100 million per year. The estimate marks a 3,000% increase in value from the catalog’s initial purchase price — better than the 1,650% return on Class A shares of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway since 1990.
Even though he spent more than he earned. Royalties from other people’s music being played /sampled made him more money than his own.
Prince also had total control of his music catalog. There was a time none of his music could be found on the Web. In 1993, while in a contractual dispute with Warner Bros, he changed his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol /glyph.(mixture of the ankh, male and female symbols) and began releasing new albums at a faster rate to remove himself from contractual obligations.Warner Bros had been trying to slow his creative output to suit the schedule of its marketing department.
Watu wa matheories say MJ met his demise partly due the influence/intervention of British Royalty thanks to ‘Sir’ Paul McCartney who had for so long wanted to renegotiate his deal with MJ. Prince (who died without a will) might have been poisoned but his catalog and estate had an estimated worth of $150-300 mill.


Sometimes…ama wacha tu