Primate primitivity

Though am unwell, I shouldn’t just sit back and watch the discord that is Cord plunge this beautiful country into a quagmire of fecal matter without a word. Cord is intent on chaos, my friends. Cord is intent on causing unrest and civil strife to warrant a UN intervention that will see the monkey trader get some piece of the loaf. Thats all there is to it. But, if we allow him an inch, he will demand a mile.

Thats why all his attempts must be thwarted by all peace loving citizens.
Mark this thread…the MONKEY TRADER will cause unseen chaos unles we , peace loving kenyans, tell him to GO DRYING.



Only a tribalist will see tribe even where its not been mentioned

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btw, primate trader alikua hio maombi cum breakfast?

kinaogopa maombi, hakinge karibia


Ask your cousin @mabenda4 to act tough. Can he get lessons from Mugabe and Museveni?

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@Mrs4thletter I was not interested in replies from people who see with blinders. I can promise you RAO will exit in your lifetime. Then boredom will set in. Your ‘people’ will rule this nation until ruling becomes second nature. Forget the 24 years of nyayo. Kikuyu can perpetually rule Kenya for a century meanwhile looting the public funds as best as they can. As for cord looting they definitely could too, only they will never get a chance. Am off to see sentiments on spot gold.

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See what I mean !

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