Primary School Bully

When I was in standard 6 they used to be a bully called Thiongo. Every body was afraid of him. One day during lunch time. Thiongo took my lunch box which my mother had packed githeri and threw it all on the floor.

I don’t know where I got the stamina but I walked to him and said Thiongo today u will learn a lesson. He punched me and then I hold him by his sweater and started boxing him until his nose started removing blood. I did not stop I continued beating him until other students stopped me. From that fish Thiongo started to respect me.

This should be a lesson to someone her3

ai yawa,Itabidi umeenda tuition hii december

:D:D:D Mbuthia unasema nini bana

mbuthia joh!

Uliachia shule class 2 ama 5? If I read this again my eyes will “remove” tears:D:D:D

Nb: shule zimefungwa…


mbuthia , pole sana baba . always stand up to bullies. its important

:D:D:D:D…sijui niseme.

Where’s the part where you wake up from your short dream?

Pole sana bro. I feel you. Hekaya ni mzuri lakini umefanya summary sana kama walimu wa maths! Ungeiweka chumvi na kachumbari mpaka ikuwe at least 1 page.

Uncle anafanya kijana wa wenyewe apatwe na pressure… mbuthia it’s never that serious .

And I quote ‘From that fish Thiongo started to respect me’
And @digi then puts up a thread about fish…

Will try very hard to connect the dots…

Mbuzier kisungu ulisomea NYS? Ata ukiandika kisapere tutaelewa tuuu


Mbuthia nice hekaya lakini kizungu(mkuti).

paragraph two
I don’t know where I got the stamina but I walked up to him and told him that today I will be teaching him a lesson kwa hivyo asiende class.He punched me but then I held him by the sweater nikampata mbili ya kumweka kwa floor nikamlalisha na uppercut akiwa chini nikamfanyia 5 knuckle shuffle alafu nikamkuta na blows zingine kadhaa.Thiongo then menstruated through his nose.I then continued beating him to pulp alafu ref akajitokeza mafans wakaona akitap out after KO jinga ikalala.FROM THAT FISH BEATING mbaya mbaya THIONGO kikajua hakijuangi AND HE STARTED RESPECTING ME.

Hii iende villagers wajue Mbuthia ni HULK.

Ati Mbutheer ni HULK? 130Kgs of HULK?

Yaani chokosh ya kimilili imekusumbua hivyo? It’s never that serious mukuru… :D:D:D

Mbutheer usiwajali,mimi nimekuelewa.

Pls post another historical injustice that you have gone through