Prima age girls, hahahahaha

Uzee waja

Hii hata @Finest wine alichambulia MGTOW battalion the psychology behind it na chapter ikafungwa, tafuta threads zake

Niwachwe pls:D:D

@Finest wine Links za hizo threads zikuje…

Mzima atuletee…I have held 3 handles Miss Finest wine, Mrs Shosho and now Finest wine.
Mzima fanya hima yawaaaaaaaaaa. Na pls usiniitie Muchatha 2020 with what you drag in. Today is a Monday and our Bojo has said small businesses will be up and running this week so niko na tushughuli twingi kikikikikiki

Nasikia amepata a bouncing baby boy at that age

He is a known casanova. That is baby number 5 for all we know. Nota bene, he refuses to declare the other children so they could be 10.
Lakini we need him to deliver us from the Brexit menace. So we wish him well.