Priest Suspended For Hoverboarding in Church

A priest in the Philippines recently rode a hoverboard during a Christmas Eve Mass. But the Diocese of San Pablo has now suspended the poor hoverboarding Father.

Video of the priest hit social media and instantly went viral. But conservative members of the church and the local Diocese of San Pablo were not pleased. They said that the priest has apologized and will take some time off to reflect on his hoverboarding ways.



whats wrong with hoverboarding, its like using a microphone instead of shouting, fucking retards!!



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What’s wrong with hoverboarding? Only kids will be distracted na walikuwa Sunday school maybe.

Some retards will say he was trying to emulate how Jesus moon-walked on water…

He he he! Reasoning sio ya kila mtu…

Maybe the diocese is annoyed that people are referring to it as a hoverboard COZ IT DOESNT FUCKING HOVER!

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So this shit actually exists. I saw one in T-Mall the other day