pride weighs a lot

little people have big pride.

the intelligent amongst us know that nothing really matters that much.

You can decide to stop showering tomorrow, and life will still go on. You can decide to stop wiping yourself – you can start walking around with feces hanging from between your ass-cheeks, leaving behind a trail of foul odour and nasty memories, and the sun will still rise.

Bathing? optional. Breeding? optional.

I think it’s better to approach this life as if its your only one. When you’re on your death bed, you won’t care what someone said or thought about you. You’ll only regret the good times you didn’t have because you were concerned about trivial things.

Most people still live in the same area they were born in, they eat the same food, think the same thoughts, and one day they’ll rot in their normal coffins. Their life ain’t spicy.

One day, your relatives will stuff you in a casket, stow you in a hole, and pad soil on top. Then they’ll lay flowers on your grave as they recite pathetic prayers.

Oh, I forgot – you’re going to heaven, right? To a “better place”, is that it? Where is this “better place?” Could you point it out on a map?

You don’t go to a better place, you go six feet under. There’s no “life after death,” unless you’re too stupid to comprehend what death really means.

When you go through the motions of everyday life, adopt an attitude of reflection and contemplation. Think of every friend, relative and lover – everyone you hold dear. Realize that someday, the laughing, and everything else, will stop. Do not be too proud to thank someone for what they are to you.

Instead of gasping at a single day’s pleasure, learn to give thanks. Proper thanks. Learn to forgive those to whom you harbour animosity. Are there those who deserve whatever grudges you hold? Most assuredly. But are there those who will be grateful that old wounds have been mended? Astoundingly many.

Have a very happy new year, guys.

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@Tauren nice when you are not suicidal or drunk or thinking about taking your ass to be tombwad elsewhere you have nice pieces… Shenzi sana

@Tauren you are a great fucking philosopher

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