Price of fuel to go up again

Anus lickers @sani @mikymas @Billy_Drago @Berlin_Oxford niwakumbushe kitu? Ati Ooooh so many taxes on fuel, aaaaah G2G deal miracle


And again!

meffi kuria said it…doomed we are

Rubis/kenyatta state capture

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Mimi nmebuy baisikeli kama Ile ya @uwesmake nde .


You’re stuck on stupid mode

Anus licker, ukweli unauma?


Shurrup @makamasi idiot. You need to have your head examined since imejaa makamasi na kichaa. What kind of idiot would support the mess the clueless kk thugs have unleashed on the citizens?

Ruto should make a deal with brics before it’s too late for kenya it’s our only saving grace

How can your tormentor save you?

What do you mean Ukraine and Israel are lavished with billions of dollars in aid free of charge about time the west pays us literally for our bootlicker services

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JSKS is the tormentor

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Instead ya kupandisha gradually si wafikishe mahali wanataka tutazoea kama ni mia tatu ni sawa, mia tano ni sawa, thao ni sawa, kwa sababu we have an alternative, tutambea miguu kama our ancestors

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How is your matatu business going with this hiked fuel? Umeongeza fare?

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Drivers ndio wanaumia, so I appreciate what they manage to bring at the end of the day. Provided gari ziko sawa kesho pia inakuwa ni siku.

Very soon, stocks of food that are not necessary for a regular meal will start rotting on supermarket shelves.

Ifike Mia Saba, watu wa hustler nation wamee akili.

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We are very resilient.

A serious drought could be very damaging