Price of bag of maize shoots from 2400 to 7000 in 1 week - Looto should stop inciting RV maize farmers to hoard maize to "punish Ohuru"

How can the price of a bag of maize triple in 1 week? Luckily 90% of kenyans live in rural areas and grow/eat their own maize. They also send their posho-milled flour to their relatives in urban areas. Hii blackmail by huyu mtu wont work.

Uhuru hawezi jua price ya UGA bootricker ,Kama mkate kwao ni 500/= jaruo Dio zinaelewa ni kubaya

Munya the agriculture CS is a clueless clown. So much was said about JSKS mismanaging agriculture with his bandit CSs but haikufika hapa. @johnpombe the anaerobic rectal cleaner of ass-mio, hebu tell us where Kibicho took the maize harvest of Galana Kulalu. Wasn’t he overseeing it the other day? Hio mahindi iliuzwa wapi? Don’t avoid answering this oh great sycophant!

Just admit this was a cash cow to line up his pockets. Poorly thought out plans just like the green bus park. 1.8m acres?



Hakuna mahindi bana.
It’s not about Ruto or Uhuru.

Venye mahindi ilitoka Kwa shamba at 25 bob a kilo in my backyard, I told some of my friends that things r gonna be thick.
Too bad I never did anything about it, saa hii ningekuwa Sonko mbaya mbof

Mkamba wa kirinyaga niaje

If Unga is doubling,why shouldn’t maize price follow suit? At least farmer aonje vile price increase iko. Mafuta keeps going up,maize follows