Prezzo huyu anajua kupiga hekaya

Story za jaba

He’s a good story teller


Huyu ghasia alirun down Ile kampuni ya bake ya Miti shamba. Makini herbal clinic. His greatest achievement ni kumwagia Sheila mwanyigah njoti.

Nope, it’s to fly from Wilson into Carnivore in a chopper around. That stunt was epic

Kwani ulikuwa unafanya kazi ya kufagia huko?

I don’t think so…is there any herbal clinic which is still thriving? Chinese herbals finished those businesses. Love him or hate him prezzo revolutionised Kenyan showbiz…dude came guns blazing…before prezzo the scene was active but lacked a spark…he single handedly changed the way Kenyan artists performed and what they charged, the kind of music videos they shot, the idea of video vixens and even introduced the idea of groupies and drugs…before prezzo we had no subculture of bling in kenya…dude even influenced the kind of cars artists drove and also where they lived…wengi ilibidi wahame kutoka umo, buru na south B. Dude was disruptive in a very positive way…remember his music was very average but there was a lot of commotion around it