Previous investment trap that has ruined the lives of many women

Now, women have this thing where they hate losing their investment with no returns. I can betcha that the poor lady who was murdered didn’t like that psycho Kisii guy but she was like, I took a cab, probably paid with her own money, went to the trouble of dressing up, wearing those crazy heels and then wearing that tiny freakum dress.

The way Matara looked all he had going for him was his fake British accent probably faking his UK citizenship, had the woman buy food and drinks and he’s like don’t worry baibe I will give you the agreed hook up money and pay you back for what you spent including your cab fare. Of course we know how that ended.

The only advice I can give women bcz it’s a female weakness kuvumilia a toxic situation or relationship or marriage, hoping to recoup the investment you have already put in, is that it’s OK to just dump the guy and your investment into the deep blue sea. Don’t be afraid to lose bcz you will even lose your own life one day.

This is one piece of advice that might have saved so many women. So many I can’t count. If you see something that’s going awry just dump it and never look back. If you don’t want a confrontation with someone five times more stronger than you especially if drugs and alcohol are involved look for a way out by pretending to be cooperative. For example if you are in an Airbnb already(which you should never do to begin with, meet men in public places) pretend to be really pressed and go inside the lavatory, leave your phone and handbag, on the bed to avoid suspicion, which I’m sure is lockable and lock yourself there. Go to the widow and start screaming like crazy and banging the window. If the guy has to pick breaking the door down or leaving the room, he will definitely leave.

Don’t say that since you are there already and the night is young and you are dressed to the nines, you can’t just go back home like that, ati because the guy looks like a creep. That’s the kind of thinking that got so many women killed, trying not to rock the boat.

In other long term arrangements like leaving an abusive marriage, going abroad is the best option. Most men don’t deal with divorce or breakup that they didn’t initiate well. You can get killed during your exit if you are in close proximity. Start working towards that exit slowly and always look upbeat and loving so that the man won’t suspect that you are upto anything. Maisha sio rehearsal and you are not a squatter to be miserable for the rest of your life.

Ladies let’s just learn to cut our losses once the titanic starts sinking, you can’t let a lousy partner who is hell bent on destroying your union to take you down with him. You are only together bcz of the kids but everyone has their own life to live. So if anything is hindering you from living your best life, just cut your losses with no hard feelings. Shit happens. Call it a day or night and be outta. Forget what you have already invested. Bet hublow. Walk away. The past is a bucket of ashes. If you let it hold you back from a better future then you don’t love yourself. Start practicing self love bcz our lack of self love as women. It ain’t easy bcz the patriarchy society has really beat down women’s self image.

Last, never ever get into a confrontation with a man. These beasts are strong. You won’t win. Instead you might die or be injured. Be gentle until you get out of captivity. Pretend to be cooperating. Then look for an exit tragedy. Those working in Airbnb spike the man’s drink with very heavy sedatives. This can help immobilise and subdue the guy. If you lack physical strength make up for it through spiking food and drinks. Especially when you feel like you don’t trust the person. Trust your gut, better to be safe than sorry. You have to fight fire with fire. Being a violent extorter ain’t legal either, so I am all for Mchele. When you are already trapped in Airbnb isn’t the time to figure out how to subdue someone. Weka Mchele kwa wingi coz others are out there still. Alafu any man with long nails is a psycho. Also those Sahara boots are not a good sign. Have an emergency number on speed dial. Send text with location, room number then call and whisper to check message. Tell them to just knock the door normally.

There’s groups for women who deal with strangers in their line of work, all bad clients are posted there, it’s like Nanny Beware. Join group. It might have saved a life. Bcz most of these monstures are repeat offenders. Have them all in your radar. Nikubaya economy is down. Itabidi tukue more careful to avoid losing taxpayers kwa mambo ya upuzi.

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