Press conference!!

@Purple @Kahuni Maisha

@patco wapi former president? Ameogopa kutokea akatuma Nosferatu na kuingia choo machos tu?

In the state of PA, Joe Frazier is still voting five years after his death…

Will Smith’s dad is still voting years after his demise…

Philadelphia magic. :smiley:

From ‘slow and steady lawsuits’ to ‘slow and steady press conferences’ :smiley:

I’ve lived in Philly. Boss, the democratic chockhold on that city is worse than the Mob. Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Philly…all of them shine shoes for the Dems.

Was there Philadelphia magic in 2016? It certainly wasn’t a problem then when Trump won the state.

On Election Day 2016, all MSM polls favored Clinton saying her chances of winning were 99%. They hadn’t put in place mechanisms for fraud. This time they were prepared because another 4 years of Trump, no defense contracts, no coups, Trump exposing globalist plans, no way. The deep state made sure that everything was in place.

Naskia ata BIG na Tupac wamevote hii election…

:D:D na wote wamechagua Biden. Hata MJ amepatia Biden.

Disputes only arise where Trump lost, how convenient

Some naive myopic fellows were in October posting eti convoy ya Trump vs convoy ya Biden. Trump had almost 100 guzzlers while Biden just had about 8 vehicles. Mara sijui oh eti crowd ya Trump vs crowd ya Biden.

Who is laughing now? Who’s crying and having stupid baseless lawsuits thrown out?
kamala 2024, 2028, Trump for prison.

tukutane supreme court hatutaki umafwi


Nigga it’s over…get that inside your thick skull… haki ya mungu wewe ni kichwa ngumu…


Ghasia bado hujalipwa kuweka mwafrika chini

It’s not over yet.

What’s your take in Wisconsin, where mail in ballot came in, 138,000, and all were for Biden , plus that state had over 90% voter turnout ?
Is that possible mathematically ?

. Kura imeisha.

:D:D Na ingekuwa hapa Nairobi angekuwa anaruka ruka sijui server zifunguliwe… OT Morpho fungueni server. Chebukati please cooperate! We want a run off! Maraga please!

When you shift the situation to another country, his narrative changes:

“Wasee hii kitu imeisha, please wachaneni nayo. We need to swear in tommorrow morning and ACCEPT AND MOVE ON!”