Presidential Mentorship Programme

President is training a group of Mt. Kenya’s young parliamentarians to disrespect their elders and fight his deputy

They are rewarded with chopper rides, luxury watches, and a few leftovers from Ruto’s dining table.


Where is this happening?

I want to join.


What is your sychophancy ritcher scale?
Must not be below tremor if you are to be considered

Niaje Citizen TV

Applying Moi politiks that he learned back in 92.

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Mutamea akili. Kula madharau na kijiko kubwa tugege!

Ndindu Nyoro nilisikia alikuwa matuu Jana na chopper

Just say where.

Nyoro is still very young he is being groomed to split the mountain. Kwa ground his work is very good kwa constituency but huku juu anatumiwa ku betray shiny eye wenzake. Interesting thing to watch.

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Too bad in ktalk we survive the state of being without such a positive human.


He is a foolish young man.

Look at his face, and you will see a young parliamentarian full of female hormones.

There is talk that he has no gametes. Kuria roasted him before the last elections then hiyo story ikapotea