President Uhuru and Deputy President Ruto meeting pupils

Zero chills given here:D:D:D

Looks like they were forced to hug the presidency

So sad…have you ever had a hug.


Looks like the President was forced to hug them too. What a miserable life!

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Sasa tuambiwe Eurobond ilienda wapi. Hizi zingine ni upussy.

Eurobondi ni wimbo ya nani?

kama kitu ni mzuri ni mzuri. the schools electrification programme is a good thing. period.


shemeji itabidi utulie ama tukupelekee suguta valley ,na si ati tunakumbembeleza

Stuff this North Korea imitations.

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@spear A. K. A Itumbi, is the government going to add a small % of the teachers basic salary to motivate them implement the digital education.? Are the teachers across the country given in-service training to cater for the same ?

Men…asante Sana for briefly putting me at par with Deno. That’s an honour I will gladly take and appreciate. Also remember all the 6 million votes for UhuRuto in 2013 are somehow 36 bloggers just simply because they support Jubilee. Opposition mindset- mko na shida mingi mingi Sana.

Now this may surprise you but until recently teaching was a noble profession and a title of respect. Kenyan teachers are now the 4th highest paid in Africa after Mauritius, S.A and Egypt. That said TSC is implementing the 10% pay increase that they offered not the unsustainable 60% that KNUT wanted. Let be clear teaching is evolving and all lower primary school teachers were trained on the new digital curriculum. So TSC is already paying salary increase, improving for free their teaching methods (digital teaching certification) yet you still want them to get more extra just for doing their job. So sad, little appreciation, just more greed.


thanks. what escapes people is that the government neither builds nor owns schools. Schools are built and owned by the community. the govt is only a facilitator. so if a school lacks classes and desks the guys to ask are the community members,parents and local leaders like m.p and mca

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@spear thanks for the info. Ktalk members it’s always good to have an insider to provide vital information. Is the 10% to be unveiled during the budget reading or it is already being implemented. I will consult some of my Young friend teachers whether there is something small on their payslips.

Kwani CS Keter alikua mogoka


Its in this financial year, so unless KNUT again refuses to sign the collective bargaining agreement then it would be implemented.

wapi pesa ya Eurobond ?

I’m non political. Mi naona tu 147. Hizo na a few more ndo huniwasha

This gova iko on point

ION @Nattydread & @spear tuseme tu ukweli, the Jubilee political and PR machinery has rolled you guyz out mapema prior to the elections and you are doing a good job at it. cheerz. Just a few months back, it was all bleak and the gova was thought to be all doom and gloom but right now its the complete opposite. You have done a good job of countering the CORD PR & smear machinery, let us see how they will respond, it is just a matter of time.

I’m just voluntarily doing it after I noticed silent majority Jubilee flock were either too busy at work or disinterested. I realised Jubilee lacked a leader to direct strategy. I seized on that, didnt require an invite either. I’m in various forum which helps me gather info as well as direct contact from various movers and shakers of the country. I wish I had complete access of info like the files Deno takes to media interview then I would share them completely and effectively.


Why does anybody with the eyes to see and appreciate progress plus the guts to speak out against JaKuonist regresiveness get labeled a Jubilee blogger?

Do not be afraid of being labeled. If you think that a policy has worked, say it. If you see it failing, say it, but propose a constructive alternative.

My activities online predate Itumbi and UhuRuto by almost 16 years.