President Trump ame confirm.

I said in a recent thread that President Trump has to now purge his whole govt. including the FBI off STATUS QUO elements hell bent on bringing his govt. down. And these fuckers won’t win.

These fuckers are even writing op-eds in newspapers castigating the boss and even saying how they hide white house paperwork… YUUUGE mistake, they just exposed themselves.

Pole pole tu mzee atawashika wote. The fact that they are exposing themselves shows that the rats are nervous. They are scared, so they are running to the papers to defend their cause ndio wakishikwa ati wasifungwe after wamefutwa kazi.

Mzee amesema hivi: J. Trump

I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back. Don’t worry, we will win!
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Drain on Mr. President.

There must must americatalk or something else similar to ktalk. This would be more relevant there.

Meza kiwaru buda!!


Quite irrelevant.

Oya @patco why do support. This guy what is it that you knw that we dont

He is creating employment unlike Gathecha in Kenya. Like Mr. Trump says in this video here below, he has even created work for this sad, hateful, desperate fake news peddlers. Trump is indeed keeping the New York Times and CNN in business.