President/Senator Weta

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Nius5 days ago

It is funny, how a guy launches his presidential bid at Muliro gardens, then comes around to contest for a senatorial position, it is called going where you belong!

And as you chuckle at the idea, you decide to go and fetch some memories of Pillport’s historical event:


Look at that green throne in the teargas mist, a foreboding of things to come.

[SIZE=6]Raila skips Wetang’ula presidential bid launch at Muliro Gardens[/SIZE]

I know am so drunken… and the thread just seems hilarious.

Bullfighter amemsupport yake yote

@Nattydread umesahau ile ingine ya sijui premier sijui deputy prefect…

The hat with a disjointed phallic symbol tells alot.

na waving at electicity poles…

If akina @Monobolic had any balls, they’d show this guy the door by 7:45. All he has done for 5 years is run after JaKuon.

Spare the man… You kicking him in the BALL.

Baba aliona ni upusss!

he he he…kwani ni kendemosi?

Sssssshhhhhh…tribesman atakuskia

Snubbed one whole year ago, yet The Wet One and ka-Wiper still went to great lengths to belong, and now we have JaKuon/ODM, not NASA, Wiper, ANC or CCM on the ticket!!

This is beyond kendemosi.:D:D:D