President Ruto

I kind off stumbled on his interview on KTN and the man clearly convinced me that he knows his stuff. Kama hukuona, clips zimejaa chochio media sitajaza server bure.

PS. 1.My secret to watching any Kenyan Inteviews, generally, most colonized, slow talking, translating from their language, wannabe anglo speakers, like Kenyans, is to fast forward. I wish youtube had more than X 2 speed because I still have to fast forward/back for gist, otherwise huna hio time boss. Its repetitive slow conversations that takes 2 hrs for only 15 min worth of interesting stuff.

But maybe, Its just me but anyway, I find Swahili interviewers, like today, more hard hitting with deeper questions, than click baiting fake anglo-bonob0-stockholm syndrome slave intellectuals and purely because Swahili answers are harder to dangaya, precise and demand more logical answers than clip bait. Kenyan presidential debate should be in Swahili, kama wazito India, China, Russia etc (Ojingas mtasema mbona naongea lugha ya malaya mkuu shetani mchawi wa wingereza. Ambaye aliengamiza more of humanity, brethren, babu yangu, nyanyako, almost all free living humans! Hio Shosho iko na blood ya dunia kama sijui how many. hit!ers best masturbation. Yet mchawi na kina Konyagi, na Ojingas ni ma poodle zake;as if hamujui why).

Bazungu has programmed all our stooges, until hadi when we have our Kenyan people dying of hunger, we spend billions for voting paper, printing paper, when any tech Kenyan can reproduce with available simple digital crypotography for few sulingi yet we have same bonobos asking and dishing out political food for votes as our people die in Wanjiku’s 2022 so they give what I know is animal grade feed donations…:Tragic Unforgivabble! Yet wasting billions on printing paper that any kid can print online?

Question: X?
Answer: As I was saying, nimeshasema, hii mambo, na sijui ni gani blah blah; na by the way dont interrupt me…but let me first go back…can i get more time…
Me: waste of 3 minutes hukusema any

President Ruto clearly doesn’t think like the mbeberu’s favorite uncle tom’s and cronies: the Ojingas,Mois, Konyagis et al.

Clearly to me, Ojinga, Konyagi and cronies stand no chance with the electorate this August, they have milked our cows dry and sold them.

Personally I will vote Wajackoyah, coz of Kush pekee, but its obvious like day and night our next Presidency will be much much more than Konyagi Mutesa the 2nd Designate Mwizi. I mean, who can bottom his exit as the “digital to analog savior” turned to total Ojinga madness. M01 and Founding Mwizi will turn in their grave at their prodigy in August 2022, same as they temporarily did in 2002.

May Wanjiku vote wisely and massively to avoid mawe confrontations till christmass 2022…so the President can deliver what he swears by lol…

Quotable Quote:


Ruto: When I was a first time Kanu Mp in 1992 at 32 Muite said
Muite: Young Man, the best way to support government is to critic it…
This is in Ruto’s response to githeri media(@Electronics4u ) whining why we all know they are in Kuzimia and they dont wanna admit it…ati wanaonewa na githeri media has stooped lower than kuwrap nyama as as Konyagi said, he turned it to toilet paper…cheap scratch your @^&…Wanjiku hana kazi na githeri media very soon…watakufa kama KBC…bila mwosho ya gova

Quotable Quote:

Only an insane man can slap the president…

(aulize sarkozy et. al. punda ikishachoka alaa)

How he eats and shits Assmio propaganda effortlessly…hehehe

I think what is more constructive is interrogating President Ruto on his manifesto, and having Wanjiku get into the game for Kenya+++

Kura Itaisha when we all vote, lets do so.

Wanjiku has a very long way to climb. Let us get started. Vote!

Your prose is totally incoherent. Please learn to proof read before posting as an aside.

That being said. This thief Ruto has been in govt. since 1992? :oops::oops::oops: Nothing credible to show for it. No landmark legislation has ever championed.

Theft (Muteshi, Pipeline, Maize scandal, Lang’ata Primary School grounds, Kiambaa Church PEV, Y2K, Dams - Arror & Kimwarer - 7 billions ad nauseum).

Really pity Kenyans who’ll cast a vote for this kleptomaniac and start whining thereafter. Hayo tu!

Does Wanjiku especially the one in rural areas who happens to be the majority care about a manifesto.
Side shows,huge crowds and freebies will determine your next president.

Ok Prose master. Dont blow your load prematurely. Utaneed kutupa mawe

100 percent. Najua hakuna elder hapa anaweza poteza wakati kusoma manifesto nne full of hogwash.Tumezoea pure uwizi but He gained my credibility incredibally.

How are you?

Blood money like waturedio…will cause your collapse because…Githeri media joo…imestoop so low, in 30 days itakuwa kila mtu bend over, niliona vile Wanuna kalikuwa kanaona niaje…kama unajua body language ya Kunguru…na Fisi

Waturedio, will lose gova coffers na that will be the end of fake handles and bots…dead…pay head…again

quoting today: its better a friend that can slap you than an enemy that is kissing you. While you cant slap the president, many have done it lol, you can always kiss his ass. He demands you just join the line…pay it…you kiss it…all the way up like ass.mio…but alas…you been licking a dead mans ass

True dat

Quite a long and elaborate analysis for someone who “just stumbled” om the interview.

“I am ninety four years old. You are my president. I have anointed you with the kingdom oil. I pray to God that I don’t die before I witness your leadership,” ~ Kikuyu elder says while anointing Raila Odinga at Wanguru stadium.

desperate…quote from elder@circledot

Ojinga indiots na ukweli…hamuelewi…

we all have one vote…but we know he who thinks he has more than he has not…?

Mimi najua Wajacks hashindi round one till run off…babujinga akikataa kulose ati no elections:D:D:D…but kura the Fifth Wajackoyah…same way you will vote ojinga…na hatashinda…hatutasumbua…msisumbe

TIVET…sikujua nini…but I agree hapo ndipo in this age of tech…skills…practical skill is where is the future…na I shared President Ruto visions if he want to be the one…he got it…he has it all…to take 254 next…and he will allow it to happen…as he says…credibility is what he has now got…no fake bazungu imagination certificates…wanjiku works hard to be credible with his useless bazungu printed papers…

just avoid hand cheque…na Wakackoyah ata mimi nimeelewa…nivile tunataka Bangi…na JSKS unapenda waisalamu, na upuzi ya ukristiano haitusaidee thinkers

This KTN townhall showed me his best lol…kila elder hapa ana weakness apart from Budhha me…wanna be

The fact that hujuielewi… kwanini cats have better cancer care…ndio utajua ata paka alafu kukuliko…Ojinga mawe thrower…florida as only one state has more specialized intensive care for pets than whole of bonobos in africa???

I can barely understand a darn thing you’re on about. Kwani ulikunywa karobo for breakfast?

Sober up first and try again. Ngamia.

sitakutusi…ojinga sewer rat ni ukweli tutaona soon

Mimi ata naskip posts zake juu sielewi anything. Quite unfortunate the thread is made of 90% his posts




Nilikwambia unapenda wasungu ukakataa.