President Ruto’s weight and Health

I think he has gone back to his original body size which is fine in my view.Bonobos think kitambi ni afya

Jambass ana ukimwi

Have you been sent? He can as well go back to crawling then, as a child I mean!

The way nabii is making tribal appointments could suggest that he thinks he will not be there for the next elections and therefore it will not affect him politically

Nabii needs to compromise and find a working solution with Raila Odinga. Huyu Mzee amepeleka akina MOI, kibaki and Uhuru mbio Sana and he is wrong into thinking he can handle him together with his not so smart deputy

Falouk has always been at his side

JSKS is his own man, not those former presidents you’ve mentioned. To quote @sani, JSKS says what he means and he means what he says.

Hakuna kubembeleza punda kwa mteremko. By this juncture in 2018, Mlevi1 had pooped his pants, his white boxers put ona a stick and raised, akitetemeka vile alikua amepelekwa mbio na Remjius Shiundu. Parasites living in his rectum akina @Ngimanene na matharo and @TuTu were barely hanging on his external anal sphincter muscles as the drunkard shat himself

What the fuck are you talking about

Are you sure uko Kenya? :D:D:D

How can you compare Ruto powers to that of MOI? Moi was more powerful. He could easily kill anyone he wanted but failed to kill both Raila and his dad. In fact MOI ndio alikuwa na perfect excuse to eliminate Raila. Angemnyonga during the attempted Coup but didn’t. Sai I can call Arap mashamba all kinds of names and nothing will be done to me. But during MOI regime, a single disagreement can make you loose your life. You can compare MOI to Nabii. Yani powers za president zimekuwa reduced sana

You’re just reinforcing my point. Moi and Ruto are different. Moi was a dictator but he gave in to Remjius’s shenanigans. Jambas isn’t a dictator per se but he doesn’t entertain the dinosaur’s nonsense. Riggy G has helped steady the ship

False information. They didn’t know each other back in the day.

What Kenya are you in?

Wacha ushenzi…kwani alilala na mama yako? Why do we associate weight loss with AIDS so ignorant. Overweight is candidate for Stoke, Cardiac arrest, diabetes, Back and joints, etc. Mofo’s like you and you kitambi are the one’s who drop dead without notice and 254ers mourn you like…lakini hiyo ilikuwa ni siku take, while the fact of the matter is that your arteries were clogged with blueband and nyamachoma and tusker.

But more important, how evil are you to wish a fellow Human being evil…it could be your Brother, Father, Son, Friend…just because you may not like Bill the politician is no reason to wish his Body ill. You are very weak person. Familia yenu ni ya warogi??? because people like you can do witchcraft on people just because of because and because. Style up…see a shrink or exorcise those demons…kukemea madimoni…if you don’t, that evil spirits will consume even your family…usicheze na mashetani za kuwish aids on people, they may even come to you God forbid

Certainly not the jaruo nor zimia nation.

Ukona akili ingine ama ni hii tu. Kumbafu wewe.

Pia wewe nawe peleka emotions mingi kwenu. Umeona mama yako hapa. Kumbafu wewe.

Nyeti…hapana! Nikuwa na muuliza ama Ruto amelala na mama yake kupata AIDS if you know what I mean…like ODMorons are too stupid to understand idioms. If you don’t get evil n personal on Ruto or anyone, you wouldn’t get stupid dialog. Kumamayo

Jambazi sugu lenye ukimwi itakufa soon wannabe kikuyu

Umbwa iko na ukimwi

Zebu ya baboon lipuka. Jambas sio ile mlevi mulikua mumezoea. What’s the worst you can do dispensable ng’ombe ya remjius?