President Ruto pauses his speech after hearing Islamic call to prayers from a nearby mosque in Starehe

Very unfortunate. Is Kenya now an Islamic caliphate? Why is he doing this?


This Ruto is ecumenical, a real Christian understand the exclusive nature of the Christian God, and he would never give a damn about idol worshippers after all we don’t worship the same God.

kwani hio mujamaica ilikuosha ilikuwa muislamu? You have an almost erotic obsession with muslims and Islam. What is wrong with women in this forrum

Copying ohuru when he stopped his speech kule Dar after prayers started. Asla awuache hii upus.

Kamwana did the same thing.

:D:D:D:D hawa sycophants wanapenda kujinusa vidole, huyu ndio aliproclaim dunia inaisha na bado ako mtandaoni badala auze simu na laptop atoe fungu la kumi…


That’s exactly right! It is ecumenism. And these people who bow to Islam are getting primed to accept the mark of the beast. Islam denies the deity of Christ, His death and resurrection, which makes it an antichrist theology. But the Light of our God Jesus shall NEVER have association with this darkness that is quickly enveloping the whole world. I am aghast at our president! I counted almost 2 minutes of silence. :eek:

Big Deal!.. No one cares…people are still starving.

Islam is Devil worship
Islamic god is Lucifer
Islamic main driving force is violence and death.
Remember the Bible says that the devil comes to steal, destroy and kill. Exactly what Muslims do on a daily basis.

This is the reaction of anyone with half a brain! No one wants to shout over another loud noise and look like an idiot!

WSR is God fearing man

akuna shida apo

Bonobos hufurahishwa na vitu ndogo ndogo.

No wonder our grandfathers were shortchanged with simple devices such as bicycles and mirrors

WSR is a smart con. With that single gesture he just hoodwinked the whole Muslim fraternity to feel equally important after he’s gone on overdrive na Christian faith.

Learning from the best H.E Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Wakristo mnajipenda sana. Mnataka mheshimiwe na hamtaki kuheshimu dini zingine? Shame on us.

Nonsense Tugeges love to clap about

These people put on a big show of prayer for rain then shortly after they show reverence to satan. In the name of tolerance for all religions. The same tolerance has brought Christians to the brink of supporting homosexuality.

This is a Christian nation, Nigger

Constitution says otherwise. Anyways the only Christian thing about this country is majority of its citizens having one of their names plagiarised from the Holy Bible.