President of Malawi Convoy-Wastage of Public Resources

The longer the motorcade the more fucked up the economy is :D:D:D[MEDIA=twitter]1172200444405452801[/MEDIA]

Most African leaders wako na akili ndogo kama ya mende.

malawai is one of the world’s poorest countries… na utaskia bonobo ikiblame mkoloni

Over 30 vehicles , Jesũ.

The smaller the monkey the longer the tail.

Why does he need those armoured MSPV for!!! How do they even keep up with the convoy fast speed!!! Then I learned that bodyguards hanging on the car doors is not only stupid, dangerous but serves zero function in protection of the VIP. Its for show like during Nyayo era.

i really hope that lead vehicle can at-least detect IED’s …otherwise hi ni circus tu

Jungle software at work

Pia sisi hatuja achwa nyuma …

To be honest, I hate being African…

Ndii has a suggestion for such cunts

Yaani mpaka Ambulance ?

An african president moves around with

  1. ambulance with doctor n other health professionals
  2. special unit car(special force)
  3. strategist team
  4. his unit from statehouse to handle office work
  5. personal media personality
    6 amour vehicle

7 cars at most more than that ni kuharibu resources

We are very good at copying… just like monkeys… we see Obama doing the same… That is our level of intelligence

I used to envy such when I was a kid. I then saw the French president riding a bicycle to work nikajua hii ni ufala waafrika tunafanya.

Intimidation !

Sometimes it could be that the President is going to a function that requires a quorum. I doubt for example that a President could go visit a rela in such fashion.

I doubt there is any fool who will attack a presidential motorcade let alone a sane one. Most of this displays are overkill. Other countermeasures are more effective but don’t scream out for attention.

Malawi is bottom 20 poorest countries in the world. They simply cannot afford this type of fuckery

hii ni ukweli