President Magufuli has achieved more in 4 years than Wathuita Uhuru in 6.5

Like him or hate him, President John Pombe Magufuli has raised the economic profile of Tanzania in ways that totally outshine our beloved President Johansen Uhuru Muigai Waithuita Kenyatta. In addition while Wathuita has made Kenya a colony of China, Magufuli has diversified the origins of contractors for major projects in Tanzania. Magufuli sails in that rare crowd that includes Kibaki, Kagame and the genius CEO of Equity Bank

The funny thing is that if one was to peruse your past comments or threads they would probably find you somewhere in the recent past praising Uhuru, fighting for him, blessing him, lifting him high, kissing his balls, kissing China’s balls, placing your jacket on the floor so China and Muthamaki can walk without getting their feet dirty in the mud…

There are people here and not just here but all over Kenya, who fasted day and night praying for Uhuruto waachiliwe Hague. Fasted! Day & night. Hadi wakashikwa na depression. Lakini leo.

Hio ya Wathuita ni gani ?

kweli watu ni wajinga. Uhuru is 10 times better than Magufuli.Thanks to Uhuruto, Kenya has the longest road network in east n central africa, it has the highest rate of electricity connection in east n central Africa down to the south, maybe only south africa is ahead of it. N Kenya has the best safety net not only in East n central africa but beyond. God bless Uhuruto n keep giving them wisdom

Show me one such post, sir. Uhuru has no balls I would want to kiss!!!

Uhuru ni meffi ya doggi

What is wrong with that?

why are you slow?

Wewe kwanza najua hukulala election day eti ndio ukuwe wa kwanza kwa line kupigia muthamaki kura. Na hukulala hio jioni, ukilinda kura za muthamaki from kimundu.

If you believe magufools propaganda we ni mujinga

If you want to see a slow person look at the mirror next to you.

Meanwhile on the ground

But their airline has more planes than ours. They have bought 7 aircrafts comapred to 4 aircrafts za KQ.