President Kenyatta Trusted a Harlot



Sweeps central.


NYS scandal has lootal arap mashamba na kipindupindu written all over it … Murkomen and ruto’s P.A were directly involved and instructions cme from somewhere … lootal ! …Ama mnadhani lootal aliwin jackpots saba ndio anunue a billion shillings chopper


We are not angry enough…maybe someday.

He did not intend well. He intentionally changed guard at NYS and appointed people to help him siphon money for electioneering. We are not blind. The next target will be NHIF.

The money allocated to NYS to teach our young men how to unclog drainages is more than can teach the same youth medicine, at The University of Nairobi.

Rinse 2015:
The internet never forgets.


In all fairness, NYS was a game changer, but as @thesavage indicated above, Uhuruto stole the future of our youths.
President Xi Jinping must have questioned the integrity of Kenyans.

Moses Kuria is now a hero for taking us back to the NYS heist! We’ve forgotten the many times he urged his fellow drunks to assault anyone opposed to NYS. Kweli wakenya, hizo vichwa zenu ni kabati tu za meno.

Arror opened his eyes, and now knows the truth.

This lady has the audicity to condemn Sonko, kweli nyani haoni kundule

The jokes people have

She visited Capitol Hill Shrine, and jesus of nyanzareth made her white, as snow.

@LuandaMagere you are ignorant.


Miti ya Nyani Kuria inateleza,His Gatundu seat will be Jomo’s come 2022 whether he likes it or not.

Kuna ka project kake kalikuwa kamekwama pale Eastern mbypass. Lakini after switching allegiance, naona saa hii kanafanywa finishing touches in earnest.

In Kuria’s defense, NYS was a seemingly good project with far-reaching positive effects – until the ugly, inner workings were laid bare for all to see!!