President Dr. William Samoei Ruto - The Fifth President of the Republic of Kenya

Between President Ruto State House and Hustler Mansion under Rigathi, where would you want to go to? State House itakuwa Church vibes and tempered celebration. Chief Hustler is transitioning to Statesmanship. I have advised my friend Dennis Itumbi abaki tu Karen Office or return back to DP office Harambee house. State House is for Hussein as Presidential spokesperson.

Mimi nitapenda Rigathi at Hustler Mansion. Mugithi Kwa mingi. Then also he has being designated the Political supremo of Kenya Kwanza. Going forward just like DP Uncle Ruto, DP Rigathi will be the trailblazer in every county to supervise government business and handle politics.

So Ruto is letting the main perpetrator off while punishing the people whose fault was obeying orders?:rolleyes:smh!

Both are for 2013

It’s political reality that a sitting President can’t be prosecuted for acts or commissions during his tenure.

However there is a state capture commission to be setup by the CJ on request by President Ruto. That’s the only way it will work, by following the constitution. Thereafter existing structures like new holders of DCI, the current OPP, newly reconstituted EACC and other bodies can participate. It will not be an Executive lead process. That way parties can be certain of a fair process.

All good intentions but targeted individuals will cry witch hunt. I foresee demonstrations in the near future. Thats how the wealthy protect themselves from the government.

Hujawahi kufa @spear

The entire logistics industry from land, port, railways, warehousing, fuel and cereals was captured. They have to be realised back to state and competition on private sector. Best it’s done through the Judiciary than executive order. For that I really don’t care for the family’s involved and those who want to protest on their behalf. Once the details become public we will see who can defend them or stomach it. Kenya Railway, Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Pipeline etc lost alot of assets, logistics facilities, contracts and it’s income prospects by a stroke of pen. Need to be reversed legally.

Na mabloggers akina Pauline… kuachilia state largesse sio mchezo

Hehehe… idiot @spear thinks Ruto will tackle corruption. Those so called state capsha entities will just be replaced with Ruto’s companies and lieutenants.

RAT has retirement benefits as a former prime minister. He is entitled to staff allowances. It will not be because of Ruto benevolence

@spear , What about those with sexually transmitted authority that they were using to insult hustler on social media? Will they be accompanying hustler to international meetings to warm his bed or they will be banished to their sponsors resort in Kirinyaga, built through thievery of course

Wouldn’t this invalidate everything they’ve done as commissioners? How can someone illegally in office make legal decisions?

Nimeuliza hii maneno hapo juu. Hehehe

The law perceives such a scenario.

They only become illegal after the ruling, and rulings take effect forwards, not backwards.

So anything after they do on behalf of IEBC after the ruling is null and void, everything before can’t be annulled by the ruling.

Kenyans IN

The IN tray is so full such that sioni time ya kufukuzana na ceiling inspectors like Pauline. If they hadn’t built their own business then brokenness will follow swiftly. Also their level of toxicity is all but certain that they will self implode on their own soon.

If you want to know how President Ruto with his media team team look at Talaam team who handle his PR events. They were all strugglers including myself then. It not a job you get, it’s relations, mentorship and advice. Chief Hustler only give you 2 years to grow and elevate yourself. If you don’t grow upwards you are moved sideways to create room for others. So first thing is to quickly learn to build your own brand and side businesses. You grow to a point of being irreplaceable at that position or you grow on the side so much you don’t need the seat anymore.

Uhuru folks were most pests who always depend on drawing from the source to survive. He makes everyone around him dependable on him. The many alcoholic binges doesn’t help.

How comes news za resignation ya kameru is not yet public. No news on any online outlet

You are talking as if you are Ruto himself, remember we had high hopes for Jayden to, lakini wapi!

Jayden will hide for a long time becoz of shame, all that betrayal, humiliation and shaming. Uhuru amejua mt.kenya sio ya mama yake :D, Mt.kenya sio Western :smiley:

NSA was badly split into three camps thanks to the political misadventures.


State house has the National Administration service in this new constitution aka the reformed Provincial administration. That’s the 1500 chiefs, 290 DO’s and 47 County commissioners. Instead of reforming that institution with professionals, kibichoo did the opposite. He put in friends, associates, cheerleaders and nepotism. The institution was just about eating money throughout with few success. That was not the worst part. Instead of Uhuru making changes, he simply let them be and moved the work elsewhere. Same thing Uhuru did with his poor CS’s in government. Keep them because their failures when sacked will reflect on his failures so he gives their duties to military.

On this case he turned on NIS political department to replace the chiefs, DOs and county commissioners. The Director was already engaged on partisan politics anyway. So the result was that NIS political department needed more persons to handle the work. Ruto is a highly mobile, highly organized and strategic planner. His network needed to be matched. That meant taking away staff from other critical duties, taking away equipments and assets too. The professionals at NIS were the first to complain. Their allegiance is to the constitution and country. They wanted more focus on the core functions on intelligence gathering and national security. The third group was the Ruto supporters too in NIS. They decided to help him too to even things out. Thanks to Uhuru and NIS director NIS was split into 3, ruining the service core work. Cattle rustling is not focused at earliest because drones that patrol our borders and the north are following Ruto and co. The equipment needed in Lamu, Garissa is in Nairobi. Staff are wasting their talents on political quest.

Third mistake is NIS briefs on politics are also overuled by political mandarins at state house anyway. So their expertise is just a waste of time anyway.

His position become not tenable after. That’s why President Elect Ruto said civil service and security services will go back to core functions.

Hakuna Siri Kenya. We are an open book. Every side leaks easily. We are a nation of talkers. Even before RAT had his sources in government before he joined handcheque. The best bet is to play 3D chess. Put everything in the open. Your moves and actions like Chief Hustler. However in every 5 moves, 4 are distractions only 1 is the real move. They can’t even see it and it’s right Infront of them. That’s how he snared Wetangula and Mudavadi. Some things I will not say but some play acting on Moses Kuria and Kindiki took place.