President Dr. William Samoei Ruto - The Fifth President of the Republic of Kenya


Supreme Court unanimous decision to upheld his Election. Petition lacks merit and evidence. IEBC to be reconstituted in 6 months, Chebukati is retiring and the High court ruled correctly that the 4 commissioners were wrongly appointed into office. SC gives directive to Parliament to change and clarify the Electoral laws to prevent gaps, disputes and interference.

Mass resignation at security services, already the NIS Director has resigned. More will follow, those who don’t will be moved aside. KDF allegiances was always a matter of tradition, as soon as Ruto was declared President Elect the force moved on to start preparing for their new Commander in Chief.

A Deputy President who took on the combined President, opposition, hurdles, interference, intimidation, threats and fear to beat them all 1st round and convincingly. Alot of government institutions will need cleaning.

As true to form, Kenya must be lead by the most powerful leader in the land.

Raila was never destined to lead Kenya. Not since the 83 coup. His fate was to perpetual come close and see it go elsewhere. His practice of witchcraft completely ruled him out of the job. Now he has to take care of himself and his conditions. Politics has shifted to Ruto generation. All leaders older than him are doing the last lap in national politics before Kenya’s retire them in 2027.

Very refreshing read, as always. A unanimous decision may be a bit far fetched. On the resignations, sina maoni kabisa:D:D.

The ass-kissing, man…
The ass-kissing!


SC is today drafting the wording on the fake evidence and false affidavits presented to them. They don’t want that to be repeated again. It will be encouraging the same time wasting in the apex court. If that is allowed to happen then lower courts too will suffer worse of the same.

jayden moved out of state house yesterday. Took office under a healthy economy, leaving having tanked the economy completely. The one single mistake was over borrowing domestically. Last year Treasury borrowed a record 800 billion locally. All this funds was provided by banks, the same liquidity that could have gone to businesses. As a result businesses have collapsed.

Uhuru leaves with a record with Nyayo as the worst economic managers of the economy. He is only ahead due to infrastructure build.

Asimio wapi machos

JSKS the official 5th.
Its over.

Wasn’t the high court ruling overtaken by events? The four commissioners have already presided over several elections so unless you form tribunals to eject them zoea hizo sauti

Hope he never left any kind of drug behind which impaired 98% of his judgement, the same way all heavy drunkards make poor decisions when high and excited then regrets it later when sober. Some errors are irreversible and very expensive.

Our incoming leader is a teetotaler and sober 24/7. His decisions will be sober, I am sure the errors will be very minimal.

NIS director has resigned?

Sober thief…

How could he have faced an Orkoiyot after intimidating him yet he is aware of JSKS ability?.
Let them exile themselves temporarily while testing the temperatures before jetting back silently with coiled tails. Washenzi sana.

Vested interests, mabiashara zimefanya Uhunye achizi pwana. Power is sweet


Hail the incoming president. A face of change


That’s not what it means to be overtaken by events

That only happens say if you go to argue that the 4 shouldn’t be allowed to run an election… AFTER THE ELECTIONS

Basically, it’s impossible for the courts to grant your prayers because it’s impossible to stop them from doing something after the fact!

But on the High Court ruling, it clearly stated that it failed to entertain prayers to declare the 4 appointments null because of how close we were to elections.

Elections now done, CoA can easily grant said prayers

Hii ni handbag imejaa vijikoza!

I mean looking at the 9 items the court focused on.

And this is after reading the petitions…the 9 were deemed the only things worth looking at.

Explaining how they settled on the 9, Njuki came very close to outrightly calling everything unrelated to the 9 frivolities.

With that backdrop… Read the Registrars report.

Only outstanding issues were around confusions around book 2 of 2

6 had no book 2 of 2s.

2 from polling stations where violence erupted

Interestingly, documents like booklets and registers meant for other elective posts were found in some of the ballot boxes scrutinised.

This defends the possibility that book 2 of 2 could have likewise found its way to other ballots.

That said, the SCORK didn’t deem the book 2 of 2 meritorious enough for discussion as attested by the 9 items

What they were interested in:

  1. Were the servers breached
  2. Are the 34As in the portal different from the physical copies
  3. Are 34As a true representation of what’s in the ballot boxes

The registrar report gives all issues related to these three a UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONFIDENCE

Only question will be the 4 commissioners

Problem is if the commission was dysfunctional, then all elections are a nullity

If they only recently became dysfunctional, then there is evidence that at 2PM… after all tallying is already completed by the secretariat on the floor of Bomas…

Then it didn’t affect elections.

I confidently see 7-0 too

Worst case scenario… 5-2

Sina maoni


One thing for prosperity is the end of opaque groupies like “system” or “deepstate” or “dynasties”. All in existence due to donated political power. If you want political power in Kenya then you must show it at the elections to be able to excise it. Idiots like mama ngina, muhoho, muraithe, kibichoo, matiangi, atwoli etc were only deemed powerful because Uhuru as President has temporarily donated them some measure of power. However when it come to taking on President Elect Ruto they found out he is powerful by virtue of people backing, earned political quest and performance. Same can be said of RAT to have earned the handcheque by elections performance.

President Ruto has given Uhuru & family blanket forgiveness lakini hawa wengine watakipata.

It will also be President Ruto duty to take care of Raila as he drifts to his sunset years. The man needs state assets, staff to care for him going forward. His increasing medical trips as well. In that duty you will see RAT team up with Chief Hustler one more time for prosperity. Lakini those around RAT will be kept far. Ruto doesn’t want those groupies.