Preparing dinner for parents

So, buda has been operated on his eyes na mathe is in hospital, yf na kids wako msa. Ive taken the responsibility of cooking for my old mzee lunch and dinner. He doesnt eat take aways FYI. Home science imetufunza.

So tukusaidie aje kama mzee hataki coordinates za rungu cleaning?

Patia mzazi wako ajisaidie. Wangu asharetire vitu hizo.

Wishing your folks a quick recovery…tumejua uko responsible.

ASande sana bro. Lazima wazee walitulea na sasa tunalipa vile vile.

Wazazi hupikiwa chakula bila chumvi na mafuta mengi.
Ju ya pressure na cholesterol.
Take care of your parents ndio waone wajukuu.

Thanks bro. Mathe mafuta ndio imempeleka hosy cholesterol ndio imekua juu. You know parents wakiwa wazee wanakua washindani :smiley: but we have to be slow with them tukiwaelimisha this and that not gud for their health. Thanks a bunch.

Hebu walinde…Kuna wale hawana hata mmoja. If my mum were alive ningempatie treatment ingine ya ki royal…

Duh bro am truly sorry, very.sorry brother. Mungu amueke the best of places. Youve made me feel tears. Am trying all mi best to be there for them.

@Jimjones karibu na uite yule ndugu hana kazi na wazee

Good job!

I am sure @Euler will see this! I love this…!

Thanks a bunch bro.

You are doing great work.

On behalf of humanity thank you very much @GREY2020

Thanks a bunch for the compliment about this , @ all Ktalkers brothers. Its my duty and.the duty of anyone hapa Ktalk to take care ya wazee, no matter how old they are and no matter what you do, hakuna aibu ni wazazi wetu.

Serve them but with an eye for tomorrow

Give them the best that you can! It is really satisfying! In my other thread, I was against the idea of mortgaging all one has instead of taking them to facilities that you can afford. We must do all we can to ensure that we play our role but be logical! I was blessed and even bought my father a car… no regrets whatsoever!

Yeah! This is very much logical… within his means and a great way to be a blessing to the father!

I gave my dad my own car and i stayed without a car, even sacrified it when i had my kids wanting to go for picnics etc but waliniunga mkono tumwachie grandy ndinga yangu and we ended using taxis and public transport. Hata now am not using it, natumia bodaboda riders only na gari iko kwa garage hapo home.

That is good… I am sure you will be blessed… I can attest to the blessings… I cannot regret it for I have a few vehicles and many properties… However, my problem is for those who will mortgage everything they have such that when the parent eventually goes, they have nothing and have to borrow to live… so let us live within our means and bless our parents…