Prepare Your Passports

There is no Majesty and there is no Might save in God, the Glorious, the Great, nor can man prevent that which is foreordained of fate! By Him, our economy has been taken over by kikuyu scoundrels, our nation has fallen on a place of sure destruction, and there is no way of escape for us, nor can any of us be saved!


What’s your opinion on the above cycle ?

KIAMBU Mongrels…apana weka Kikuyu wote hapo. It’s Kiambu motherfucking idiots who I hate with a passion.


If the cycle continues with Jubilee riding the waves for 10+ yrs, dig your family graves.

This is a normal business cycle…our current situation is entirely due to bad governance we are in a recession while the global economy is thriving

hata wewe ni ile kikuyu inashtuliwa na kalenjin @sani?

@sani I thought kikuyus have already settled on Ruto na wewe unaongea mbaya hapa

We had our peak in waKibaki era, wasn’t natural that recession was to follow ?

Sani is a rabid dog. Kwani Wakikuyu walikutomba ukiwa umelala?

Nope…you see the business cycle on the graph is due to leveraging and deleveraging cycles by businesses and individuals, and as you can see from the graph, as the cycle continues the economy keeps growing…that means jobs continue to be available,and companies continue to make profits, what changes are the numbers…what is happening right now is that the economy is actually contracting, the government is cooking up numbers and including useless metrics to show economic growth, international institutions are agreeing with the government to avoid an upheaval. Kenya’s economy numbers have not been adding up for the last at least 4-5 years

Chikuyu ni mwisi