Prepare for a Raila Presidency in 2022

The president’s mouthpiece (Murathe) amesema hivyo. Amesema the way forward is a Raila presidency and a Mt.Kenya vice president to represent the interests of Mt.Kenya mafia. Amesema akina madvd, kalonzo etc are clowns hata Nyayo Stadium hawawezi jaza - they can’t win against Ruto.


A high time Ohangala started playing in State House accompanied by the spicy and sweet aroma of Omena and busaa. Donge Okuyu ?

What if it’s reverse psychology to ensure those who are frustrated with jamaa wa kitambi vote for hustler “to punish Uhuru”? Kenya mi hushindwa watu huvote ya kazi gani as if your measley kura moja makes a difference. The president is chosen in a boardroom kama vile wachinku huchagua leaders wao through the Politburo. The Chinese are better off coz they don’t waste billions on useless elections. Those who voted for Uhuru to punish Raila lost because baba is firmly in government. Those who voted for Raila to keep uhuruto out also lost. They all met and decided how they were going to share the spoils, so what was the pouint of voting?

We can’t do any worse than UhuRuto.

Raila is sickly and of undeniably old

On second thoughts , we could. Gideon Moi could be worse.

We are having a “Mandela moment”. Baba should be given 5yrs in 2022 before its too late. The hasora is still young and can wait for another 20yrs as he mends his ways to stop his appetite for public and private properties.

Uhuru tano tena

Chief I forgive you

tuko nyuma ya Raira

But baba sahi nguvu imepungua, sio Kama hapo awali

With a Mt.Kenya VP, the Mt.Kenya mafia don’t care about baba’s health as long as there is someone in government looking after their interests.

Hii maneno is simple arithmetic.

2017 (Uhuru + Ruto) vs Baba = 54% vs 46%
2022 (Uhuru + Raila) vs Ruto = 99% vs 1% as we saw recently kwa BBi in the counties.

That said kaleos should not worry coz Gideon will represent them as Deputy PM in 2022.

Like a father who cares about his family, Uhuru cares about ghenya and wants the best for the citizens.

Also as Moi said that he had looked hard and saw that his deputy Saitoti hajatosha, Rais Uhuru has also looked hard and seen that his deputy hajatosha. No hard feelings.

Hata huko amuerica the deep state doesn’t care if biden falls 100 times kwa stairs as long as the US long term interests are taken care of through him. #Politics101.

So the Mt Kenya Mafia gives an ageing, sickly babuon the presidency and gives the vice-presidency to a Gikuyu? How many months before we then have a state funeral? Intelligent people don’t make the same mistake twice…

Fools like you made that mistake THRICE.


tombwa mkundu huko kwa kijiji dormant . takataka muzee

Maliza hio ghasia.

@Gio unasumbua

Baba ako imara kama simba. He also recently floored corona. Ako ngangari.