Premio toyota premio

Happy sunday villagers!!

Now i have lately been saddened by the untimely death of Mr Kiptum. More sad ,that he was his fathers only son.

Anyway ya dunia ni mengi. Now i was just thinking how good is this premio model that even the world marathan record title holder was driving a premio?

He had the option to buy other cars but amongst them all he chose the legendary premio…what is it that makes this car such a darling that even Mr Kiptum himself had bought it, and not just buying it,he was actually seated in a premio driving it .?


Niko na alilion which was just like premio na hii gari ni poa in terms of affordability space na maintaince in future naona ninunue premio nyoka iwe project car.

Kuna premio KCQ ya car hire na watu huipenda kwa self drive

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Ni ushamba tu. I will never understand why that car is more expensive than say a crown.

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Huwezi elewa. Own one.
Have been driving it for 7 years. It can go and go and go without any issues. Naichukuanga kama bicycle.

young dude was a newbie driver - must’ve greatly contirbuted to his control of the car.

Crown gani? ju ex Japan Crown inachezea 3.5 - 4.0M na Premio inazuba hapo 2.3-2.7M