Premature ejaculation

Hii kitu mtu ana manage aje toeni maoni

Gaaay thread

Just think about your bills and who you owe money to.
ikishindikana try and focus on your dead relatives as you stroke away, that should get you past the sixty second stage.
If you still want to cum at this stage, just picture her ex or some other nigga you hate being in the same position you`re in at the moment.
If you still want to cum at this stage, then just clench her bum in your hands really tight and push in really deep inside her and unload …
you can walk away with the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it your best shot!..


just focus on something else ama uanze kufanya hesabu haziingiani…also try have a conversation to re-direct your mind from the act…i am the guy who laughs when you shrub so this certain chic says"chola" instead of “chora” and i had to pull my diek out kwanza tucheke:D:D:D

This is hilarious lakini if you shift your mind diek inatulia pia

Check your lifestyle. But if you are married, you don’t need to last long inside your wife. As long as you release, it’s enough to make a baby:D:D

Siongeli bibi naonglea sidechick

Si uachane Tu na sidechicj

Anza tizi… Kimbia. Join a gym.
Ongeza na njugu na simsim kwa wingi.
Kunywa uji power mtaani

Limit reckless ejaculation, practice semen retention, fcuk only once or twice a month kama mimi, you will be good, there is more to life, find a purpose

Give your honest three minutes and be satisfied with it. Usijaribu blue pill. Or you can start eating vegetables and fruits and generally a balanced diet and complement it with proper exercise and sleep. Pia acha kuweka shida ndogo ndogo kwa akili sana kama vile wanawake hupenda kujiwekelea shida za ufala kwa akili hata hawezi kufika orgasm ati juu anashinda akifikiria vile ulimkosea juu alikupigia na hukushika simu and such nonsense.

Anza kuwenki with a purpose.
What I mean is ukiona unaenda kumwaga, you stop, then continue. Do this hadi ka 10 minute mark. Hivyo unabuild tolerance. ukiendelea utakuwa kama sisi elders unamwaga uko hard bado unaingia round 2 bila waiting time

Os there post mature ama ni premature tu?

There a prescription drug used to treat depression. U can take an underdose of it n you shall last forever. If you take the recommended dose, mjulus inakosa kusimama. Let me find the name of the drug. No any other side effects

Wakata unakulana, picture kitu Ile hukubore kabisa, ama Ile kitu ishawahi kasirisha wewe mbaya.

Tafuta Kama Hii …
Libido will go thru the Roof … :D:D


Hiyo tuliwaachia @Rexx

ile muscle ya kustop mkojo ukipiss ni the same muscle unakaza the moment umeiskua inakam kwa umbali. then switch positions immediately while umeikaza bado, unaacha kukaza when you are satisfied umekill hio urge ya kumwaga… then start stroking away, repeat ad infinitum

that is how you end up having a body-shaking orgasm when you decide to release. or a dry orgasm when you timely edge at the right time (just before ufike tipping point ya kumwaga)