Premature Ejaculation

Wadau saidieni. Whenever i am fucking a beautiful girl i like i can’t last long but when i’m fucking some mediocre women, like mama ya @PHARMACY or @TrumanCapote I can last for however long I want.

Inferiority complex.


how is that a problem?

beauty is relative


Tembelea urologist na uache maswali ya upuzi

wacha kunyonga sana na kukunywa alcohol kwa wingi. you’ll have a whisky dick

Vega 50

Avoid Cigarettes, porn ,alcohol and Kawasaki.

Why do you want to waste a lot of time on top of a whore…I thought the whole point of sleeping with whores is to nut…the faster the better ama?

for how long?to what end ?

Till kingdom come, or her gf comes; Whichever comes first.

Chorea madawa banae unless you have a genuine problem with your dick and thats if you have already visited a doctor.

Anything above 1 minute is not premature ejaculation

Its probably the pressure to impress the girl you like, that would explain why you last longer with the other hoes, coz you just dont care

You are engineered to be a tumbili strangler

pambana na hali yako aiseeh

Labda hiyo homosexual ikunywe 1000mg ndiyo iwezane na kuma

Nani stop mentioning me in your penis problems. Drink Enzoy like Willy Pozee uwache kusumbua elders ama uone mganga wa kienyeji. We are not penis doctors ngute eno.