Prelude to Book Launch

Hi, later today We are going to launch our first book right here on KTalk! By ‘we’ I mean my main man 3fingamagic who did the work on the images, my other main man @trippin.ballz who did the layout for the book and myself who did the story. I don’t know for sure but this feels like a first for Kenya because I’m yet to come across another Kenyan written and published book with sex as the key topic. This book is more of a tester because we’re trying out a lot of ideas so any and all opinions regarding the quality of the book are welcome.

We are however not interested in opinions regarding the morality of the themes in the book so moralists, feminists, chauvinists, racists, tribalists and all other ‘ists’ are advised not to download the book.

Most important, we’d like you to share the book with any and all persons who may be interested in this sort of thing. So share widely.

Thanks and see y’all in a few hours.


Weka iyo kitu hapa saa hii. Why keep us waiting

Hawa NV wanasumbua sana.Kama unaweka kitabu weka wacha hekaya mob kijana.

NVketi …>>>>>>>>>>>>> kwanza

Peleka hio ujinga sj aka karumaindo huko dio Utapata horny hegoats like you.
Hapa come ukiandika kuhusu making mbirriones
Cheji type.

Calm down. You won’t die before eight

Can the book be read in a Toyota Ist?

Hio pelekea longhorn publishers

A common mistake in driving is overcorrection of a fishtailing car.

Maybe. Trying reading it around Salgaa

Scenes coming in from @culture 's house