Pregnant women in Ghana

Pregnant women in Ghana taking pills to bleach their babies’ skin have been warned to stop. Medical experts say these illegal drugs can cause birth defects, including damage to limbs and internal organs.
A month ago a certain girl told me that her mother drinks Stoney ati mtoto azaliwe akiwa mweupe.

Tell us ,how this concerns us or our +254 women

It’ll be in Kenya before you know it. I used to laugh at how ridiculous West African women looked with their wigs and painted faces, I would ridicule them and boast about how our east african women were beautiful and didn’t need to go through any of that. But guess what, it’s finally here with us. Almost all Kenyan women under 30 are obsessed with make up. In Tanzania bleaching is an epidemic… Soon your babies too will be bleached in utero.

Wait, you mean mama yangu na yule brownskin mhandi kama nonsense walitubleach tukiwa in utero?

As @retrofart says, shait!

The kariuki chotora clan !

she should be using Jik instead:).

How are the kidney stones treating you, old fart?

The last couple of years boss sijui hizi makeup kits zinatoka wapi one cannot tell who is who. Kuna dame nimejua for 2 years I walked past her juzi juu sijawahi kumwona bila make up. Couldn’t recognize her.