Pregnant with Jimalaya Season 3

Damn. This man has impregnated another woman? Thank God Amira removed herself from this toxicity. Either way Wangari now knows what Amira went through. Welcome to the punda wives club babe. Chimpanzees will wake up in the middle of the night to embarrass you. If he could not respect his legally married wife, you not that special ma’am. Sorry.

Islamic religion allows 4 wives. Why didn’t she understand she’s part of the batallion?


Nyanya muzee

All about money

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Kudinya mkamba si kitu ya kubrag. Mkamba akikunyima labda hakuskia swali


Kapoti nipatie senye

Who the ferk are these people?

Ukipata kujua ata mimi unishow mtu ya one finje :smiley: :smile:

You forget ule jamaa alisema 150 is equal to no tissue paper