Pregnant girlfriend

My girlfriend missed her period and didn’t inform me. Later, she began bleeding, and I took her to the hospital where the doctor revealed she was pregnant, but complications arose. Two days later, we visited another hospital, and she was no longer pregnant. I suspect she may have secretly aborted the child, as I had previously expressed concerns about paternity and mentioned doing a DNA test if she became pregnant. I confronted her, but lacking evidence, I can’t substantiate my suspicions. What would be the best course of action moving forward?


Embobut. Parachute in is the best option and never look back


Kindly sit down with her and sort out issues… She needs you now and your support would really come in handy during such a period… No need to come to Unnecessary Conclusions.


Either abortion or miscarriage


She actually seemed happy when the pregancy test came negative. Is happiness an emotion that someone who just had a miscarriage would feel?

Bwana you know that you will still test positive several days after a abortion or miscarriage. The test analyzed hormones in blood not the physical structure of the baby.

Inaonekana ulichezwa.


…you don’t trust her, she’s cheating on you. What advice do you want?

Just leave her and find another woman or keep her for sex and use protection.

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unachoranga giza kushinda mulu mutisya na kalembe ndile combined

A man shall not be a woman’s emotional tampon, repeat after me


Kula block chokoraa

It’s only true if the pregnancy test was done in your presence.

Many years ago, i experienced the same. She tested positive in a clinic of her choice but tested negative in a clinic of my choice.

Fake blood isikupe pressure, wakumbuka some fake miracles in a certain church using a chemical that turns red after getting in contact with a hidden clear liquid?.

Sawa @Solomon_Serious

This is too vague to come to such conclusions. wacha ufala, sit and talk like adults, could be dozens of reasons for that happening, blighted ovums are common occurrences as an example. she may have an infection… once again, wacha ufala and handle shit like an adult. And go to a hospital not some shit clinic by the roadside.

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Blighted ovum is very common but I doubt layman anaweza ielewa sana

Unless she’s giving you crazy monkey siegs and you can’t do without it, just let this one go gently, zile za it’s not you it’s me. The general rule of life is that you only dodge a bullet once.

Kizee huwezi vaa condom ama umwage nje kama maji ya mbosho?

Maybe I understood his sentiments wrongly but his issue appears to be the cheating more than the pregnancy. Or rather the cheating leading to a pregnancy for which he was to be responsible for.
Hapa hata tukisolve the dilemma behind the “pregnancy” he still thinks anachezwa.
If he doesn’t have significant vested interest in the lady i.e long term r/ship or whatever, asongee na apotelee while he has a chance. Take advantage of the current crisis.


Advise is what you ask for when you already know what to do but wish you didn’t.

On point omwami. Positive up to 2 weeks after termination

Kama alitoa there’s really not much to talk about.