I came to the realization that am more of a phone call person than a chatting kind of a person so I have missed opportunities ya kucast my doshi countless times .madem wengi nimepatana na hao ni keyboard worriors and that’s not my strongest do you maintain a conversation through texts what are the talking points

you’re in the initial stage of becoming gey

I never enjoyed sending SMS or whatsapp messages, so I just keep a strict policy, sms is just for planning a face to face meet. Back when I was finding may women via online means (so the conversation would start before meeting each other physically) I would almost make sure to do a phone call as soon as possible, and then even a video call to confirm that I was talking to a real female.

Girls use chatting as a way of boosting their own egos, and getting validation, they are basically attention vampires (a girl might be running 24 parallel conversations with multiple men just for the attention). Don’t give in to it. You should be very minimal on chat and then only have conversations when you are face to face.

Does that mean you ignore them until you meet up again

Try and read my post again, the idea is: don’t do conversation on SMS, when she tries to chat keep it short or just send a message to say:
“Lets meet up on Friday”

And if the response is anything other than “yes”… don’t waste time talking about “how was your day” or whatever.

Another tip, if a girl responds to an invite to a meetup with these words “I’ll let you know”, then immediately block them.