Predict NASA's Next Demand

What business do they do? It must be very SERIOUS considering they have no time to waste with the barber or Baba.

That Uhuru Kenyatta should step down and allow for a caretaker government for them to compete on a level ground. He has access to state resources, will influence iebc to skew the presidential results in his favour.

National tallying center should move to capitol hill

This sounds so genuine! NASA watatumia hii sometime in the future. Just wait and see.

Business Community waanze kuoga.

Orengo to replace chiloba na jashoua mwitu to replace chebukati that is the only way elections will be free and fair.

Does that include macho nne and manywele brown behind him?


Religious groups must be deregistered and officials resign for not praying for him entirely thereby also rigging him out in God’s blessings:D:D:D

New kiems kit

“if people from the Mt kenya region are allowed to vote, no elections”

Nation Media Group should print the ballot papers, they learnt their lesson!

They will demand God to come down and conduct the elections

free and fair erections…hakuna mambo ya mukombero na viagra

Uchaguzi ikuwe manual the smartest rigging side to win

vollowing for lulz

Paybill hacked

Turudi mlolongo system ya 1988.

Huyo wa miwani namjua.hako Na brolly anasukuma.baze yake Ni hapo railways kwa easy he qualifies to be a member of Nairobi biz community.

In fact anaweza kuwa member wa NCBDA .imagine him Na Kirubi Na Collymore kwa forum ya investors.

Nairobi Water supplied water to Bomas, they helped steal the election. Bomas is connected to the Kenya Power grid, KP helped still the election…

boycot kula @Female Perspective mkia