Pre-wall soft meat wants to spoil Ruto CS who pays her fees

That mubaba must be a talker…poor lady doesn’t know her time is almost up. She will be dropped like a hot potato the moment she starts showing age

Uliwaambukiza ?

Apparently you have confirmed wote walikukula na CD


:D:Dlet people contract ech aiviiii:D

Hehe, mwalimu tulia. Naona umeshika kalamu ya rangi nyekundu tayari kumrekebisha.

:D:D ndio nimefunga yangu sahi.

How do these people avoid diseases? They seem to be screwing all over like rabbits

And where do CSs and Governors get such time. From being tied up all day, weekends full of political activities, people waiting for you at your door 6am to 9pm….

They are the super spreaders

Echaivi ya hio watu ni ile strain mbaya sana. Ukitomba kwenye ametomba na huna doo ya kusafisha damu ole wako.

We have a lot to catch up,how is your diabetes doing? unaweza kuamsha galgallo sasa?

Maze.kwani watu hawaogopi ugonjwa?

State funeral loading.

Huyo i have never interacted with him but those who know him husema alikua moto in his heyday. One of his baby mamas is a good friend…done well for herself.
the ones i mentioned above ni watu we have interacted and they are the types who use a large portion of their 24hrs a day chasing puci…very puci driven fellows. Kuna former sports cs kutoka western ungekutana na yeye 10am na slayqueens. Yaani CS wenzake wa central wanachapa deals yeye kazi ni kufukuzana na soft meat.
I had a boss pale trade ministry, a PS from Embu time ya kibaki who would plan all ministry activities around puthy…dude was so puthy driven mpaka wamama wakahama ministry… Jama would handpick his secretaries then rotate them every 2 months. Kwa work trips, which were basically every week, he would handpick his entourage. He liked working with some of us juu we never showed any interest in colleagues.

Jaribu kusalimiana nao ndio utajua

Waluhya plans zao mingi zinakuwanga around poosy. They can jeopardise months long plans and programs in their short term pursuit of poosy.

Guest Houses kule wazito walikua wanafanya panpaper walikua wanaishi

Money and influence…bevy of beauties

Capital city flani Africa