One time i was so much consumed with fucking a certain lady. So as the lion i am, i made the steps. Realizing i want a fuck, she started playing her stupid games and i aborted mission. Few days later i saw her and asked myself, ‘Jmoy, what is this thing you wanted to fuck … so ugly?’. Seeing her, my dick shrinks. she is blocked.

Another day 11pm a lady called me begging me to go to her house spend the night (she is beautiful though and can get it). I told her am coming let me freshen up quickly. A voice told me ‘jmoy have a cold shower (11pm)’. After shower i switched off my phone and slept

A youngie 23yrs in an international college recently said to me, ‘jmoy, after job pass by my place (she stays alone)’. i asked her what is the catch. She said she knows am a kijiji billionaire and she just needed 5k … this was followed by ‘thirsty traps pics’ in my WhatsApp. Sexy beautiful young thing - am on the way. As i was heading to where she stays, a voice said to me, ‘jmoy, 5k for a pussy then Post_Nut_Clarity, you can head straight to kamakis for nyama choma 1k and saved 4k’. Switched off my phone accelerated thika rd to kamakis

PRE_NUT_Clarity saves jmoy


Ebu fafanua hili tamko tafsali. You meant you kujichua? Yaani kunyonga monkey ama?

Focused on myself, kuji treat like a king. Never begged ama kuwa mzuri to a girl. I was myself regardless of my short comings. Walisema I’m a very proud man but nlikuwa najua hio ni test lazima apite to qualify to be my girlfriend. I cared very little about girls.
Nilihika tu movies ( comedies, action, horror etc), tu books, I kept my room clean, tu marashi, tu fruits, tu snacks. Nilishika nguo fiti tao and kept a cat (paka) sio pocket pussy… :D:D

In short you used the upper larger head instead of the smaller head

Why do you keep switching off your phone though? That’s a very bitch-like thing to do.

cause am a bitch

Sasa ukaona heri uende Kamakis ukule nyama ukiuziwangwa chinese merchandise na hawkers wasapere?

Paying for pussy is one of the dumbest things Kenyan men do.

This guy here below will work on you properly.



Hapo sawa

I have learnt a new term today Pre nut clarity:D…but thinking of it does it make sense Pre nut clarity…think of it you have to nut then get the clarity so nikunyonga…in short the nutting has to occur…or is it the clarity that you get just before you nut:D

Prenut clarity is the best thing that can happen to a man when drinking your hard earned cash at Sabina Joy… Unamaliza pombe yako unaenda hope ukiwa umefurahia

Few matters bring me pleasure as saying no to a hoe who thought sex could manipulate me

Hakuna kitu as gratifying as making a pussy career know that as much as you want to fuck her, there are limits to the costs. So gratifying.

Hapa nakubaliana na wewe.

I am also known as stingy an proud. It has saved me a lot.


Kinyoss kwani ukiguzishwa ikus unafogotha?

Eeh,mi huwa hadi na mwaga nikivaa kondiko kabla ya kuguzishwa.