Prayer concerning the nation

Brethren it’s now one year to election and as believers we need to start praying. I know many pastors say Ruto is God’s choice but ours is not to take sides but to pray that evil will not befall innocent Kenyans in the jostle for power. In 2007 the Lord rebuked me for waiting till the last minute to pray, instead I was busy politicking when my prayers would have made a difference. Last election Apostle Kimani went to all counties praying for peace. This time it is us to pray as believers. One year is a very short time and so far the signs are not good. For us as believers we need to pray for peace and no blood shed. Regardless of the outcome of this election. It is a big sacrifice to pray for a year and even fast but if we do not God will hold us accountable for negligence. Let us do our best to pray and God will surely intervene against every evil plan to destabilize the country and harm innocent Kenyans. Kenya is one of the few African countries which has never seen war. And it’s only because we have serious prayer warriors standing against bloodshed and war like pastor mambo Leo, many are old now and they need boosting from the next generation of believers. I myself love politics but this time I am avoiding it on purpose to avoid euphoria that will interfere with my ability to pray in an unbiased way. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak may God strengthen us by His grace to pray for Kenya this year remaining before elections. Jesus told His disciples pray that you will may not fall into temptation. Jesus said, the devil would have you to sift you like wheat but I have prayed for you. The devil would have Kenya to sift it like wheat but our prayers will deliver our motherland from all evil. Other issue is to avoid defiling ourselves with money and goodies from politicians because many visit sorcerers to pray over anything they give out. God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you as you take up the mantle of prayer for our beloved nation. As you take a step of faith to start praying,it’s a great self sacrifice but God will strengthen you and His grace will be sufficient. Elijah was a man like us, he prayed that it would not rain and for 3 and a half years there was not even a drop of rain. As Christ was on earth so are we, every morning Jesus went up the mountain and in loud groans He wept as He petitioned the Father.Let us stand in the gap4our nation brethren. Shalom Aleichem.