Once you hit 80km/h it becomes disturbingly unstable. You’d be lucky if it doesn’t overturn!
I’d better go for a Fortuner.1682664410032.jpg

Physics 101.

Why do you lift everything from Facebook and drop it here? What do you know about Prado’s? Pesa ya Fortuner unatoa wapi


Unanifuata kwa Kila thread lil-bro. Sorry, I’m not gay. Take your horny butt to your pot-bellied father. Guok!

I just showed up and let the Lord work through me. Maneno ya ya usenge rudisha kwenu Nyalenda

Landcruiser Prado was built as a SUV for navigating rough terrain at low speeds. If you want to drive at high speed you buy a Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes Benz Compressor

fortuner wachia organisations za serikali, io sio gari poa kama private vehicle

The latest model is quite comfortable to ride in. Ile original model ndio inataka hizo NGO errands

Gari ni Volvo

Kuna wazee hawako facebook nugu hii…

Yeah good car hadi uingie garage and no one can work on it. Its a very complicated car. My buddy swapped an engine on his volvo…the car wouldn’t start…the engine, key and ecm had to be synchronized…he let go of the car

Hii bakuli yako ya kushikilia meno iko na kasoro ghaseer hii,

Piga io bakuli kichwa

Nlikuambia ntakulaani adi ile CR- V 2008 yako ipate geabox issues

I take good care of my cars…jinyonge

Lol! Cars are nothing but a means of mobility in my town. Even a cafeteria dishwasher can afford a s500 with eaaaaaaaase. Izo tabia zako mtumba ni za Vumbistan.


Gukaa mchafu,uku magari ni kama takataa. Even homeless guys own top range cars. Be satisfied with your NZE.

Uko gulf una ride ngamia ama?

Good question